Black Mountain

Black Mountain

Black Mountain

Black Mountain is: Matthew Camirand, Stephen McBean, Jeremy Schmidt, Amber Webber and Joshua Wells.

Black Mountain have come to save your soul. Be gone, peddlers of fake fun & faux concern – a celebration is in full swing - & you’re definitely not invited. Come out, you fuck ups – wherever you are – your moment has arrived. Throw your arms around this, clutch it to your chest - open your heart.

Black Mountain:
Black Mountain are the front line soldiers for the Black Mountain Army, an arts collective from Vancouver, British Columbia, featuring members of The Pink Mountaintops, Jerk With A Bomb, Sinoa Caves and Blood Meridian:

Songs of protest, songs of hope – the sound of the past becoming the future/the future becoming the past – the sound of a new tomorrow – made from leftover yesterdays. The rejection of a so-called modern ideal/the subsequent reflection from a shiny new one/the refraction of the beam as it passes through the prism of your ears.

Black Mountain – “Black Mountain” (JagJaguwar)

"Modern Music" – the sax invites us in/the Punk crawls out of the garage/Black Mountain call & respond; “We can’t stand your modern music – we feel afflicted”.

"Don't Run Our Hearts Around" – an amalgamation of power & beauty/beguiling & insistent/a journey back in time to the future that awaits us; “Let’s find a better place & quit this whole damn place”.

"Druganaut" – in the motornik of time/the groove is in the heart/a heart in winter; “Are you freedom, man? “No Satisfaction” – no Stones reference left unturned/the garage shakes/this is my favourite song on the LP; “Everybody likes to claim things”.

“Set Us Free” – the breadth of the lonesome state/the ghost of a crazy horse/the delivery of one beyond their years; “Have you done more than you can swallow?”

“No Hits” – density’s children/an intense defence/pushing the envelope all the way to the Post Office; “Lemme holler against the pop stars dream”.

“Heart Of Snow” – strong enough to melt your preconceptions/if you had any/that is; “Lay down your guitars & buck up superstars”.

“Faulty Times” – this is the end/in more ways than one/the doors of perception have been broken open again; “Cos nobody likes your fucked up plans of shooting up some foreign land”.

“Four of the five members of Black Mountain work as social workers in Vancouver's Downtown East Side. Black Mountain feel that their art and their music and the problems of the real world, which they experience daily in their working life, cannot be made distinct from one another. If "the personal is political" - a persevering and still resonant slogan of the women's movement of the 1960's - then, regardless of the level of their lyrical or visual specificity, art and music are always political.” – Black Mountain

Jean Encoule recently tracked down Matt of the Mountain to bring you this:

trakMARX - Canada is on fire right now - musically - from where we're sitting. What's it like yr end?

Matt – It’s burning a little hotter on the East side, I think.... we represent the West coast! Which is still pretty hot...

trakMARX - Do you feel any affiliation with any other Canadian groups right now?

Matt - I think we're affiliated or acquainted with most of the Canadian groups doing well right now in some manner or another. We went to high school together, or played in bands or played each others basements... slept on each others floors.... you know.... all that stuff. Sonically? I don’t know.

trakMARX - Are we hearing a continuation of the work begun by groups/collectives like Godspeed You Black Emperor!!! with Black Mountain?

Matt - Not really... I never listened to that band personally.... although I suspect I probably went to school with a few of them.....

trakMARX - In terms of influence, who has helped shape that Black Mountain sound?

Matt - We dig so much music - it’s just more time and place. At any given moment, though: Jeremy will be listening to Spacemen 3, Steve will rock some Amon Duul, Amber loves Melanie, Josh will pull out the Can and I dig the Byrds.... then we write music and you get Black Mountain...

trakMARX - Can music still act as social commentary in 2005?

Matt - Sure... there’s no less to comment on in society now than there was 20...40...100 years ago.

trakMARX - The support slots with Coldplay must have exposed you to a totally different kind of audience. How did they react to the Black Mountain experience?

Matt - Some people seem to dig it genuinely... others just stared bewildered into their nachos...

trakMARX - Tell us a little about the other projects under the Black Mountain umbrella?

Matt - Blood Meridian is a messy country rock thing me and Josh do. We have one album on Teenage USA Records - HYPERLINK "" - in Canada, and just finished ecoding a new record for a worldwide release in the spring. Pink Mountaintops is Steven’s baby that we all play on occasion...there’s our friend, Heather Trawick, who makes amazing films and projections, some of which we have used in our shows in the past.... Ladyhawk are a new jagjaguar band from Vancouver, too. They are our brothers in rock and whom we share a love for all things Crazy Horse.

trakMARX - Have you any plans to visit the UK?

Matt - In November, I believe.

trakMARX - Any current UK groups that float yr boat?

Matt - Sons and Daughters are cool... I think they are from Scotland...

trakMARX - Where next for Black Mountain?

United States tour with Blood Meridian and Ladyhawk.... lookout.

Jean Encoule – tMx 21 – 08/05
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