No Time To Be 21

No Time To Be 21

No Time To Be 21

To celebrate Issue 21 of tMx – Suburban Kid came up with the idea of ‘The No Time To Be 21 Issue’. What a good idea, we all chirped, by way of support. We could ask TV Smith if we could print the lyrics:

No Time To Be 21. The Adverts "No Time To Be 21"

Life's short, don't make a mess of it.
To the ends of the earth, you'll look for a sense in it.
No chances, no plans.
I'll smash the windows of my box.
I'll be a madman.
It's no time to be 21,
To be anyone.

Hold back, see what you miss of it.
Out of the shadows, into the thick of it.
No maybes, no guessing.
I'm getting wound up.
The plot sickens.
It's no time to be 21,
To be anyone.

Strip down to the bare facts of it.
Into the cold heart, no hope and all that shit.
No chances, no plans.
I think I'll be somebody else.
Or else a madman.
It's no time to be 21,
To be anyone.

We'll be your untouchables.
We'll be your outcasts.
We don't care what you projects on us.
It's no time to be 21.

We could ask TV Smith for a little insight:

“21, the key to the door, the bridge between youth and adulthood. Border or barrier? What price being an adult when they use your formative years to prepare you for a life of wage slavery, to undermine your innocence, kill your creativity, brainwash you into the belief that their system is the only way?

Congratulations on becoming grown up, trakMARX. Take it somewhere good.” – TV Smith

And we could drop in a plug for TV Smith’s first ever DVD release: TV Smith dvd Cherry Red Films present another first ever for DVD this month, this time featuring a true Punk Rock legend – TV Smith.

TV Smith rose to prominence in the first wave of British punk rock as singer and songwriter for the Adverts who, after frequent early appearances at the seminal Roxy club in London in 1977, gained cult success with the Stiff single " One Chord Wonders." This turned to notoriety when their next single, "Gary Gilmore's Eyes" thrust them into the upper reaches of the U.K. charts. The album that followed in 1978, " Crossing the Red Sea with the Adverts " charted on its first week of release, and is generally considered to be one of the few genuine classics of the era. T.V. went on to re-emerge as a solo artist in 1992 with the release of the critically acclaimed " March of the Giants.”

The nineties saw T.V. gigging relentlessly throughout Europe, as well as releasing a further two solo albums, 1995 's "Immortal Rich" - which was released in the U.S. on long-time fan Henry Rollins' label - and 1999 's "Generation Y".

“One Chord Wonder” contains material from three shows perfectly illustrating why TV Smith is still one of the biggest draws on the live Punk circuit to this day. The main part of the program is taken from one of TV’s earliest solo gigs at the Holidays In The Sun festival in 1996. The bonus material then brings things right up to date with two shows TV played to ecstatic German fans on his tour their last year.

Amongst the tracks included are UK top-forty hits “Gary Gilmour’s Eyes” and “No Time To Be 21” – to order a copy see link below:

Suburban Kid – tMx 21 – 09/05
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