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The Magic Numbers allegedly walked off the set of TOTPs recently due to unsavoury comments alluding to their combined weight. This got me thinking about the name of their group: The Magic Numbers – what could they be referring to?
We conducted a straw poll in the tMx Bunker - & came up with the following explanations:
The Magic Numbers are the combination to the lock on their fridge door.
The Magic Numbers are any number of numbers employing an E prefix.
They bought their equipment, songs & record deal after winning the Belgian lottery.

My money is on explanation 1).
It’s gotta be true – I read it in The Carling NME.
Seriously though, is there some kind of agency operating out there that sells very poor names to young rock’n’roll groups as a business concern? It’s got to be something like that – after all – we here at tMx spend enough time mutating them into something far more interesting & reflective to know that it is an enjoyable way to kill 5 minutes on a very rainy afternoon in mid-July:
The Litterbins, The Marmalade Sandwiches, The Khazie Chefs, Erazerlite, Frank Ferdinand, GravyGranules, The Pooh Biters, Shed Fitters, The Articulated Monkeys – not to mention The Floors, The Ceilings, The Computers, The Busses, The Trains & The Cool Country Manor (I told you not to mention The Cool Country Manor – Ed).
It would seem that post-modern pop group names – once the staple attitudinal genre signpost of any rockin’ combo worth their salt – are now no more than an afterthought. As usual – I blame Oasis – the group – not the soft drink – or the clothing chain. Analysis of the 1st draft of the lyrics to their new 45 – “The Impotence Of Being Idols” – provides further irrefutable evidence:

Verse 1:
I lost my faith in the summertime,
cos, man, it’s always raining.
My best friend called me the other day,
He said, bro, you’re always complaining.
I asked my mum what she thought of me,
She said, son, you’re brainy.


But I don’t mind,
As long as there are lots of words that rhyme with shine,
I’ll do the lottery in a minute,
You gotta be in it to win it,
I’ll follow on with me old cock linnet.


This could be Amsterdam or Huddersfield, Rotherham or Rome, anywhere is anywhere, when you’re far from home.

Verse 2:

My mum just shouted right up to me,
She said, son, dinner’s ready.
Our kid said he’s not hungry,
I said, Noel, you’re crazy.
Me mum put the dinner in front of me,
I said, Mom, where’s the gravy?

Repeat Bridge.

Repeat Chorus to fade.

(Gallagher/Gallagher/The One Out Of Ride/The One Out Of Heavy Stereo)

In an amazing piece of synchronicity - The Magic Numbers are actually one of Noel’s favourite new cutting edge combos (now that’s a surprise – Ed). Wonder whether they’ll emulate the success of The Wee Horses, A Tenner For Two Twenties or Albert. As usual – we’ll just have to wait & see.
Now – where did I put my shakermaker?

Marquee Smith – tMx 21 – 08/05
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