Intro 21

Greetings, Punk Pickers, we’ve put the new GLC LP away for 5 minutes to wish you all a hearty welcome to the No Time To Be 21 Issue of trakMARX.

We’re ripped to the tits on cocaine, smack, crack & cake this issue – in support of Pete ‘n’ Kate’s right to kill themselves any which way they chose. To be honest, once the Ashes were in the bag, we had to turn to something to stop us trawling the Australian phone directory & randomly phoning up Australians just to gloat. It’s a wonder we got anything together this month:

Dread at the controls, Mikey Dread tells it like it is in a trakMARX exclusive interview.

Kris Needs brings you an archive Sex Pistols interview from 1977, a superb review of The Stooges at Hammersmith (including the Stooges rider for the night – which is available for you to download for posterity) & the low-down on the latest DVD from Jimi Hendrix.

Joe Donnolly tells the sordid tale of a Johnny Thunders movie that should have remained ‘in the can’.

Andy Higgins of JSNTGM ponders punk in parallel with the philosophical.

Brian Young bids farewell to CBGBs.

Jock Strap relates the story of The Straps in his own words.

Ben Browton & Sunflower celebrate their new found love for all things Arcade Fire – after all, it’s their “Funeral”.

Black Mountain & The Real Losers tackle one of our typically mundane Q&As.

Jean Encoule continues trying to force his obsession with Richard Hell down the throats of rest of us (& you lot too – don’t think you’ve gotten away with it).

If that’s not enough to be getting on with, then check out Iggy on the death of The Stooges, Voodoo Rhythm – The Movie, Bootlegs, E-Bay Price Hiking & the Vinyl Solution, The Andy Blade Chronicles, Be Your Own Pet, The Now, John Walters, John Peel Day - plus all the news, reviews, fucked up views & more.
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Harrison Bored – tMx 21 – 09/05
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