traditional trakMARX moshup


Over the last 4 years we’ve had thousands of packages delivered to the trakMARX bunker: many have contained re-packaged reassessments of yesteryear, others have spilled new releases in all their shiny irrelevance - but most of them have been stuffed full off grubby cassette tapes recorded on Grandpa’s 8-track-cartridge reel to reel – or CDRs burnt from laptops packed with pro-tools/studio-line/guitar-wizz-tech programmes (to make ripping off the tune to “I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing” as easy as marrying that bird from the washing up adverts) – we call these items ‘demos’ – & - demonstrational or demonstrative – they are the building blocks of the pop towers of tomorrow.

Most of the demos we receive fall into 3 categories: Promising – Must Do Better – Sounds Like:

A) Promising – Good songs, passionate singing, interesting arrangements, convincing presentation.

B) Must Do Better – Average songs, ordinary singing, predictable arrangements & embarrassing performances.

C) Sounds Like – Other people’s songs, nice vocal ‘impressions’, derivative arrangements & someone else’s image.

10% of aural submissions fall into category A) – a further 10% fall in category B) – a depressing 80% fall into category C) - & that’s just plain wrong (see Leader 20).

Luckily for both sexmachina & trakMARX – the sexmachina demos demanded a new category all of their own:

Two boys/one girl – soon to be joined by another boy on drums – sexmachina make PUNK rock for people who aren’t scared of BEAUTY. Songs as strong as “Mothday”, “Lumberjack”, “No Appeal”, “Spanish Eyes” & “Dartmoor Prison” demand attention beyond their years. Think – go on, think for a moment – think of a long list of trendy groups it’s popular to ‘sound like’ – write them down on a scrap of paper – now roll it up, & stuff it up your arse: sexmachina sound like none of them.

Jean Encoule was so impressed he walked all the way to Leicester in his slippers to knock his pipe out at a crowded bar whilst watching them live just the other week. They pissed all over the other groups on the bill without a hint of nonchalance – or ennui either, for that matter. The boys jumped up & down - sweated - & bashed their aching instruments – the girl sang - & danced like an independently angel on a northern stage sometime in the early 80s – the drum machina went: splutter – bonk/bonk – stutter. Encoule fell head over heels in love – demanding superior billing for sexmachina in tMx 20 - & a whole page to interview them on. Encoule always gets his own way – the rest of this should be no surprise to anyone:

trakMARX - Tell us about the birth of sexmachina.

sexmachina - sexmachina was born in Barcelona - grew it's teeth in Malaga - and is now learning to walk in Bristol. We find ourselves to be in agreement on many matters - but not all.

trakMARX - What 'previous experience' did each individual member have prior to sexmachina?

sexmachina - We've all been around for a while in various disguises, writing songs, making noises - waiting for sexmachina.

trakMARX - sexmachina? Tell us a bit about the name.

sexmachina - No.

trakMARX - The sexmachina demos were some of the finest submitted to tMx in over 4 years. How does that make you feel?

sexmachina - It makes us feel fucking brilliant.

trakMARX - What are the major influences informing that sexmachina sound?

sexmachina - We are all united by a love of raw noise and the punk ethic. However, the idea of doffing our communal cap to any musical contemporary or predecessor puts us in an unpleasant mood.

trakMARX - What are the parameters of sexmachina's ambition?

sexmachina - Write and record our musical items. Play gigs to people that we don't know personally. Eat more rare steak.

trakMARX - Which contemporaries do you view as compadres?

sexmachina - Anyone chancing their arm musically. Go on. Chance your arm.

trakMARX - Which contemporaries do you see as the enemy?

sexmachina - Anyone who feels the need to jump on passing bandwagons and soften their sounds and ideas accordingly.

trakMARX - As you prepare to prostitute yourselves before the massed record companies of the UK in the hope of attracting interest - what do you make of the UK record industry as an institution?

sexmachina - A group of giant shameless frauds who got so far up in their golden hot air balloon of complacency that when, one day, they put their monocles in and looked down to earth they found that everyone had learnt to use the internet except them. Oh! And now they're stamping their rhinestone winkerpickles in a petulant rage because their big expensive crown of control is slipping down over one mottled ear, and threatens to topple off completely.

trakMARX - What did you make of LIVE 8?

sexmachina - What has it got to do with music?

trakMARX - What are you going to do now that poverty is history?

sexmachina - Eat more.

trakMARX - Where next for sexmachina?

sexmachina - Into the frying pan, then on to the fire.

trakMARX - How can punters best keep abreast of sexmachina action?

sexmachina - By locating our website which we're sure you'll mention at the bottom of the page.

Gigs so far - with many more to be confirmed:

July - Sat 23rd - Bristol Croft
July - Sun 31st -Bristol Fleece
Aug - Sat 20th -Bristol Louisiana
Aug - Sun 21st -London Spitz
Aug - 31st – Huddersfield BAR 1 Twenty
Sep - Fri 2nd - Halifax Doghouse
Sep - Sat 3rd - Leeds Vine
Sep - Mon 5th - Stoke Rigger
Sep - Wed 7th - Manchester Night and Day
Sep - Sat 10th - London Hope & Anchor

Jean Encoule – tMx 20 – 07/05
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