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Richard Hell, wot a gent

A Birthday Message From Richard Hell

I remember when I first heard from trakMARX back when there were only one or two issues old. I got a wacked out note from Jean pointing out the site and asking if he could interview me.

I replied obnoxiously: to the effect of how it was stupid to brag about drug use (this based on the zine’s title, and in my defence, I do get a lot of mail from junkies with artistic ambitions) and I’d rather not support that. Somehow Jean restrained himself from coming back that he thought it was stupid for senile burn-outs to jump to conclusions because of their personal preoccupations, but instead was patient and polite, and eventually I actually looked at the magazine and it blew my mind.

Well, “blew my mind” might be a slight exaggeration, but it was the first time in twenty-five years I’d seen something done in the spirit and focus of the times when I was coming up - in other words: independent, proud, crazed, and dedicated to music of that type - and smart and soulful and funny - and done with a lot of style. I’m real impressed by their sense of style - the site looks the way it feels and sounds - and that’s brilliant.

I’m probably most impressed that they’ve kept it up, so congratulations, and thanks.

Richard Hell – tMx 20 – 07/05
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