The Stooges – “Heavy Liquid”

The Stooges – “Heavy Liquid”

Easy Action Records are set to release the much-delayed Stooges 6 CD box-set, “Heavy Liquid”, any day now. Problems at the printing plant have delayed the release: the original shipment had texture faults on the box - & Easy Action duly (& admirably) returned said stock – demanding replacement in accordance with the originally specified quality threshold.

Details of this sumptuous new set are as follows:

Cat no. EAR003
Barcode 823566500322
Release date: 25th July 2005

Disc 1 - The Olympic Studio Tapes London 1972

All Unheard & Unreleased Taken from recently discovered Multi Track Master Tapes!

1.I got a right {no gtr solo} (3:39)
2.I got a right {Take#2 false start no gtr solo} (0:41)
3.I got a right (3:11)
4.Gimme some skin {Instrumental} (2:42)
5.Gimme some skin (2:50)
6.I got a right {Instrumental} (3:46)
7.I got a right {incl. Gtr Solo} (2:50)
8.I got a right {Retake #2 Inst., Leslied gtr, no solo, drums check} (4:14)
9.Louie Louie (2:56)
10.I got a right {..Too Slow} (1:01)
11.I got a right {two false starts} (4:14)
12.I got a right {not leslied, no solo} (3.40)
13.Money (2:38)
14.I got a right {false starts} (1:26)
15.I got a right {diff lyrics outro} (2:52)
16.I got a right {incl. Solo} (3:08)
17.I got a right {diff drums, incl. solo} (2:55)
18.I’m sick of you {Bonus tracks Recorded London ’72} (6:54)
19.Tight Pants {Bonus tracks Recorded London ’72} (2:12)
20.Scene of the crime {Bonus tracks Recorded London ’72} (2:54)

Disc 2 - Morgan Sound Studios Ypsilanti Michigan 1973

Unreleased rehearsal taken from recently discovered 1⁄4 ” tape

1.Raw Power (Take 1)
2.Raw Power (Take 2)
3.Head On Curve (Take 1)
4.Head On Curve (Take 2)
5.I Need Somebody-Sweet Child-I like the way you walk 17:00
6.Search & destroy
7.Can’t turn you loose 1.20
8.I Need Somebody (Version 2) 6:43
9.Head On Curve (Version 2) 6:50
10.Gimme Danger 7:50

Disc 3 - Los Angeles & Detroit Rehearsals Spring 1973

1.Cock in my Pocket
2.Open Up & Bleed
3.How it Hurts (Rubber Legs)
5.She Creatures of the Hollywood Hills
6.Head On
7.Born in a trailer
8.Till the end of the night / I got a problem
9.My girl hates my heroin/ Wild Love
10.Hey Baby ?
11.Jesus loves the Stooges

Disc 4 - The Return To New York July 1973

CBS Studios New York. Rehearsals for the upcoming shows at Max’s Kansas City

1.Rubber Legs
3.Cock in my pocket
4.Head on Curve
5.Cry for me/pinpoint eyes
6.Open up & Bleed
7.Rubber Legs #2

Live at Max’s Kansas City 30th July 1973 * with Scott Thurston on piano

8. Raw Power
9. Head On
10. Gimme Danger
11. Cock in my Pocket
12. Search & Destroy
13. I need Somebody
14. Heavy Liquid

Disc 5 - Whisky a go go 17th September 1973 (first set)

Totally unreleased tape

1. Raw Power 5.25
2.Head On 7.50
3.Gimme Danger 7.20
4.Search & Destroy 4.20
5.I Need somebody 5.05
6.Heavy Liquid 5.45
7.Cock in my pocket 3.15
8.Open up & bleed 11.40

Disc 6 – 1974 - Bimbos 365, club San Francisco January 11th or 12th

1.Wet my bed 4.50
2.I got nothing 4.30
3.Head On 11.00
4. Open up & bleed 12.55


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