The Stooges – Telluric Chaos


The Stooges – Telluric Chaos

Skydog Records

Sushi Power:
The rebirth of The Stooges has been one of the most perfectly executed comebacks in the history of reconciliation. The Stooges have come a long way since Iggy, Ron & Scott originally reconvened in an NYC record store as the new millennium struggled to come to terms with its (still) birth. They’ve got a drum kit now. They’ve got Mike Watt on bass. They’re back with Skydog Records – the home of “Metallic KO”!

“Telluric Chaos” is the born again Stooges take on “Metallic KO” (but with a nicer crowd & way more swearing). Recorded in Tokyo in 2004, this 17-song set is tighter than Iggy’s torso or a pair of very tight fitting tight pants. The boys expel this noise with ease. It sounds bigger than heaven. Dirtier than Jordan – the model, not the river. Filthy, in fact.

Iggy on The Stooges: “Two sweet boys from Detroit living in the bridal suite of the Royal Garden Hotel with nothing much to do but spend Columbia’s money. One big nose, one weirdo, couple of hairdos - & a bottle of pills.”

Kicking off with an incendiary “Loose” – The Stooges immediately lay waste to all opposition. They’re happy to be here. Hell, they’re happy to be anywhere. They sound so unique. Why would we ever need another group? This one works fine:

“I’ll stick it, deep inside. I’ll stick it, deep inside – ‘cos I’m LOOSE”

The riff of ages. The punkest of Punk. “Loose” is an anthem amongst anthems - & this sweaty evening’s take in Shibuya Axe will go down in the annals as one of the finest on record – or bootleg too, for that matter. The ‘fuck you’ at 1.36 tells you all you need to know about attitude.

“Down On The Streets” emits energy like Chernobyl gives of radiation – you could bury this under a million tons of heavy liquid concrete & you could still here the fucking drums. Iggy gives off ‘c’mons’ & ‘awlrites’ as he contorts his way around the stage – his teeth may be a touch longer than they once were – but he’s lost none of his bite (hang your heads in shame, later generations).

“Turn the house lights on. I wanna see you mother fuckers”

“1969” sounds as dangerous today as it did 35 years ago. “I Wanna Be Your Dog” is met by a wall of cheers: “This is a song about a fucking animal – I wanna be your daaaawwwggg”. “TV Eye” burns – a cathode ray nipple – suck it & see. “Dirt” has the blues - Jack White, take note. This is how pain should sound:

“Some times in life you’re up – sometimes in life you’re down – that’s why we call this song “Dirt”.

Mike Watt shines here – the perfect bass player for The Stooges. You can hear him grinning all the way through (& if you get the Detroit DVD – you can SEE him grinning as he pounds). Fuck – does he look good up there? Sure he fucking does. A natural. The others seem to suck up energy from him. The Stooges are one hell of a fighting unit, once again.

“God, it’s so damn hot in here. Open up the doors. I need some air.”

“Real Cool Time” slouches into a vibrant “No Fun”. “1970” leads straight to “Funhouse” – do not pass go – do not collect £200. The show reaches its climax with a triumvirate from Iggy’s superb “Skull Ring” comeback: “Skull Ring”, “Rock Star” & “Electric Chair”. All three songs are equal to any of the older bullets in the magazine. This is a rounded performance - with absolutely no filler.

They encore with “Little Doll”, “My Idea Of Fun” (a brand new song – “My idea of fun is killing everyone”), a second romp through “I Wanna Be Your Dog” & close with “Not Right”. Japan screams. The Stooges have left the building.

“Telluric Chaos” is a souvenir to cherish – not just as a memento of a concert you didn’t attend – but as a reminder of the validity of that most perfect of ideals: rock’n’fuckin’roll.

Guy Debored – tMx 20 – 06/05
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