Intro 20 - August 2005

Welcome to Issue 20 of trakMARX – our 4th anniversary issue - & what a birthday bumper bouquet we have for your edification this issue. We are proud, once again, to welcome a raft of birthday contributors to the party:

Richard Hell - who sums up what trakMARX means to him in a touching & heartfelt birthday message.

Brian Young (Rudi/Sabrejets) – who points out the ups & downs of contractual obligation.

Ben “Seymour Bybuss” Browton (The Shapes) – who guides us through the contact sheets that illustrate his art.

Lemmy Caution (Black Time) – who expounds on his love of The Mekons - & in particular – their long-forgotten debut LP.

Kris Needs – who re-ignites his love of The Stooges via 7000 words of sterling prose - & rediscovers the NYC vibe of Certain General.

John Robb – who delivers another exciting extract from his packed Gold Blade tour diary.

John Walters – who returns from the grave to continue his war of words against John Peel.

Martin Percival – who appraises the Ramones latest DVD & reports from the front line with the Rezillos.

Tyler Durden – who watches The Great R’N’R Swindle & then writes about it for us.

Suburban Kid – who digs about a bit in his attic.

Jean Encoule – who fucks about a bit, does bugger all really - & then takes all the credit for it.

With more than your fair share of the usual crap – we bring you The Stooges, The Velvets To The Voidoids, Joe Strummer biographies, Johnny Green’s new book, sexmachina, The Prefects - & all the usual news, reviews & fucked up views.

What More Do You Expect For Fuck All?
Harrison Bored – tMx 20 – 07/05
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