CBGBs – All Over Now?
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CBGBs – All Over Now?

CBGBs faces the prospect of imminent closure following a dispute with the venue’s landlords regarding $91,000 in alleged unpaid rent. The anomaly has arisen due to what is known professionally in the world of accountancy as a ‘bookkeeping fuck up’ - & is set to close the venue’s doors unless someone with a lot of money can intervene.

The dispute is placing enormous financial strains on the club’s legendary owner, Hilly Kristal, who is naturally desperate to ensure the continuation of CBGBs. As well as the debt in question, interest rates, rising overheads & legal costs are making a battlefield of Hilly’s bank account. As usual - it’s the lawyers who are making the hay.

One person with a fuck of a lot of money - & a healthy disposition for preserving NYC’s cultural heritage – is Mayor Bloomberg. You can do your bit to help the campaign by e-mailing Mayor Bloomberg & telling him:

“We gotta save CBGB” – possibly adding, erm, NOW! Maybe even putting please in brackets - & saying thank you at the end of the mail. Hey, call me idealistically naïve if you want, but. . . it could happen:


Here’s the nice reply we received:


Thank you for contacting the City of New York. Your message has been forwarded to the appropriate Agency for review and handling.

For future reference, your Service Request Number is 1-1-165213290.


The City of New York

This is an auto-generated system message. Please do not reply to this message. Messages received through this address are not processed.

Thank you.

The information you have provided is as follows:
Form: Customer Comment Form
Topic: CASE
Street Address: 1ST STREET, NAC, CV8 2LZ, UK
City, State Zip: COVENTRY, NY CV8 2LZ
Country: United Kingdom
Email: wastebin@trakmarx.com
Company: trakMARX
Work Phone: ?024 7669 6601
Wotcha Mayor,

Help save CBGB - erm - NOW. Please. It is the birthplace of Punk Rock & should always keep its doors open. Act now before it’s too late. Thank you.

First time I’ve had an e-mail from a city before. Wow!

Jean Encoule – tMx 19 – 04/05

Don't delay do it today: www.nyc.gov/html/mail/html/mayor.html

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