Bullshit Detector – Future's Burning
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Bullshit Detector - Nick Kent

Oh how we chuckled as we thumbed our way through Mojo’s recent Punk Special. Turns out twas not Dicky Hell who invented Punk Rock at all. No, my safety pinned little rips, it was Nick Kent wot done it.

Nick describes at length how he first taught The Damned everything they knew – although a quick phone call to Rat Scabies to verify this fact is met with nothing but a snort of derision – before turning his attention to inventing The Swankers & Punk Rock in general. Then, on the seventh day, Nick rested.

Mr Kent put a slightly different slant on it all when being interviewed in ZigZag in April '76:

'...After that, I came back here and worked with a group called the Sex Pistols for a while. They've had a bit of publicity lately and look as if they're gonna happen in some way, but there was no real empathy as far as I was concerned. They're young kids, about 18 or 19, Shepherds Bush ex-mod types, and I'm 24 and a little more worldly, I suppose. That was the first time I've actually worked with a group and rehearsed, and I found it very enjoyable.'

Meanwhile, back in my garage with my bullshit detector.

Guy Debored – tMx 19 – 04/055

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