Intro 19

Wotcha, Punky Wavers! Welcome to Issue 19 of tMx. Things have been getting a bit busy down in the bunker of late. We’ve been ‘commissioned’ to write a book about PiL – tentatively (pretentiously?) entitled “Metal Book: Public Image Ltd & The Birth Of Post Punk Experimentalism” – which is due for publication by Helter Skelter in Spring 2006.

We’ve also picked up a publishing deal with Penguin for Jean Encoule’s debut novel, “The Da Vinci Postcode”, the story of Stig Tourette, lead singer of The Windsor Castles (hot new London Punk Rock group), who orders the original Holy Grail over the internet from Amazon. Curiosity turns to calamity when the Grail goes missing on route from the Amazon warehouse to Stig’s Hoxton flat-lette (following the ‘Where’s My Stuff’ link on their website fails to cut the mustard), prompting Stig to hire local gumshoe & ex-Libertine, Carl Barrett - PI. Barrett & Tourette thus embark on a hilarious quest to track down the missing mail order item/icon – closely monitored by a gang of evil historical revisionists led by the archdeacon of doom, Sir Henry Thieri. Will Stig find the Grail in time to record next week’s TOTP2 appearance? Will Barrett stop holding photo-calls long enough to earn his fee? Only Encoule has the answer:

“A right riveting, rollicking & utterly chuckle-some tale from one of the leading lights in British contemporary fiction” – Sean Ryder

“I loved the bit where he ran out of weed & got really stressed & the evil history blokes va va voom got in the hot-tub with that bird with the huge norks” - Bez

“Encoule’s prose is sparkling – his combination of hard-nosed consumer-relevant theorizing, pungently anarchic comedy & practical DIY advice is a joy from beginning to end” – Douglas Brinkley

Allegedly, Pope Bono Vox, of Eire’s post-ironic ironists, U2(005), was given a copy of “It Makes You Want To Spit” (NI Punk Bible) for Xmas 2004. He was reportedly so ‘chuffed to bits with it’ he was wistfully heard to comment: “Aaah. We all wanted to be Nordies back then.” That kind of reverence says everything about Issue 19 of tMx: The Alternative Ulster Issue.

We talk extensively to Brian Young, leader of Ulster Punks supreme, Rudi, about Punk Rock epiphany & the road to perdition - & welcome contributions from Guy Trelford, Sean O Neill & Joe Donnolly. Encoule also gets involved - with his appraisal of “It Makes You Want To Spit”. He can’t keep that fucking big nose out of anything.

The ever-redoubtable Kris Needs chips in again – this time with 5000+ well-chosen words on the subject of The Gun Club.

Trumpets herald the arrival of another new contributor, John Robb (Membranes/Gold Blade), who’s Gold Blade Tour Diary begins this issue.

John Walters returns from the grave to reheat another one of his vintage columns from the Zig Zag archives.

We bring you interviews with Spizz, S*M*A*S*H & Yena Veldt.

We feature memorabilia caches from both Blondie & Siouxsie & The Banshess.

Plus - Tyler Durden’s film school, The Leeds Underground, Bullshit Detector, Seymour Bybuss’s Punk Gallery, Save CBGB, Punk Rock Posters, Rat Scabies & The Holy Grail, Billy Childish, Damaged Goods, DIY & The Rise Of Lo-Fi Culture - & all the usual news, reviews & fuct up views.

Cor, baby, that’s really free.

Guy Debored – tMx 19 – 04/05
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