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Star Spangles – Difficult 2nd LP Syndrome?

The Star Spangles have been holed up in the studio working on the follow up to 2003’s seminal “Bazooka!!!” Evan Halshaw, impressed with the recent achievements of Ellen Macarthur, set his own new world record by swimming across the Atlantic single-handed – whilst holding his notepad & pencil above the waves with the other hand – to bring you this chatette with affable Spangles bassist, Nick Price:

trakMARX - Greetings, Nick, & welcome back to the humble pages of tMx. How’s it going?

Nick - Good, just enjoying the arctic temperatures in NYC, black snow and all that

trakMARX - We last caught you in Leicester @ The Charlotte - how did the UK work out for The Spangles last time out?

Nick - It was good, besides having to tour with Jane’s Addiction, a truly terrible band. But we got to go to Europe for the first time which we really enjoyed. And we did do some shows on our own in London, Leicester, etc, which is what we really enjoy, playing the more intimate clubs for people who actually want to see us.

trakMARX - Do you feel y’re getting the measure of our septic isle yet?

Nick - I think so, we have made some really great friends in London: The Parkinsons, Police and Theives & The Phobics. We definitely feel at home in London.

trakMARX - What is yr overall impression?

Nick - I really enjoy it. I like English culture and the old world feel it has. There is nothing like that in America.

trakMARX - What souvenirs did you take home with you?

Nick – A lot of records.

trakMARX - Howard tells us you’ve been working on a new LP. Where has that been taking place?
Nick - We recorded at Stupidio in San Francisco with Jason Carmer over the last two months. Everyone is very pleased with it, and excited for it to come out.

trakMARX - Tell us a little bit about The Star Spangles song writing process & tunes you’ve been putting down.

Nick - Everyone has been writing songs for this record. I feel like this is the record we really wanted to make, it can’t be put in any category. It just sounds like The Star Spangles.

trakMARX - Rumour has it that the new gear is more Stones less Ramones. Is that accurate?

I don’t hear any Stones comparisons on this record but we did a bit more experimenting than we did on Bazooka - mainly because we had so much more time to write and record. We did have some outside players on it - Ian McLagan played piano on a few tracks and there were a few others.

trakMARX - How else has yr approach to the new LP differed from the 1st?

Nick - We recorded Bazooka in about a week and everything was pretty much a first take. On the new record we did it over about a two-month period. This album is more of a band album - we started from scratch building the songs from the ground up. Bazooka was mostly songs Tommy and Ian had written in high school.

trakMARX - We understand you’ve changed the name of the LP a few times. Have you settled on a title yet?

Nick - We cant seem to decide on one, we are a very indecisive band.

trakMARX - Who’s putting the artwork together for you & what can we expect?

Nick - We met this young kid at one of our shows in Boston and he is gonna help us out with some of it, and the rest will come from the band. And Mick Rock is gonna shoot the cover.

trakMARX - When’s the LP gonna hit the racks?

Nick - The release date I heard was May 5th - as far as I know.

trakMARX - And finally, when are we gonna see the Spangles back on British soil?

Nick - We will probably release a single over there first so hopefully in April, if all goes well.

Evan S Halshaw – tMx 18 – 02/05

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