Blondie – From Punk To The Present
Blondie – From Punk To The Present: A Pictorial History - Compiled by Allan Metz
(Musical Legacy Publications)

Allan Metz has assembled the definitive word on Blondie with this exhaustive & extensive collection of essays, articles & photographs. Running to 512 pages, this collection brings together previously published pieces, newly commissioned works & the musings of some of the most important players in this incredible story: the fans themselves.

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“From Punk To The Present” features a prologue by Chris Stein, a foreword by Victor Bockris & contributions from such luminaries as Jessamin Swearingen, Robert Betts, Russell White, Gary Valentine, Jon Erkider, Anita Pallenberg, Everett True & Barney Hoskyns, amongst others, as well as photography from Roberta Bayley, Mick Rock, Bob Gruen, Marcia Resnick & Stephanie Chernikowski.

The book is split into 4 sections: Then (Background, Punk, Blondie & Punk), Between Acts, Now (Interviews, Profiles, Album Reviews, Concert Previews & Reviews & On Their Craft) & In Retrospect (Overviews, Comprehensive Discography, Appreciations, Appendices, Afterword, About The Contributors, Permissions, Bibliography & Indexes).

Although the book’s cover screams: UNAUTHORIZED – UNOFFICIAL – don’t be put off for a moment. This is not only the story of Blondie but also an excellent overview of the socio-political, cultural & fashion related elements of the 70s New York City Punk scene.

“From Punk To Present” has been assembled with passion, commitment & excruciating attention to detail. I can honestly say that I’ve never been as impressed by the sheer scope of a rock n roll book in my life. Invest & embark on a voyage of Blondie discovery asafp.

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