Luxembourg – Principality
Luxembourg – Principality

Luxembourg were one of the highlights of 2004 here in the dingy confines of the tMx bunker. They threw a little light fantastic into the darkened corners of the angst ridden panoramic vista we trakMARXists call home.

Olly Little described them as: “the most wonderfully lust filled aural spunk bubble my ears have had the pleasure of sucking this whole damn year”.

Jean Encoule was equally sluttish with his praise: “Luxembourg make me want to shag all night long. Fuck The Teardrop Explodes”.

Now that Luxembourg are here to stay – how could we survive a single day without repeated exposure to the glorious fractured beauty of “(I Need) A Little Bit More (Than You Can Give Me)”?

How could we keep breathing without the aid of the magnificently succinct “Making Progress”?

“Let Us Have It”, said Luxembourg. All we can offer in reply is: “Here we are – come & take us. Roughly”.

Harrison Bored – himself not unduly averse to a slice or two of raw Luxembourg - caught up with Alex Luxembourg at Luxembourg HQ to bring you this:

trakMARX - 2004 must have been the best year yet for Luxembourg. Were you pleased with what it brought you?

Alex - It was a year of small steps, largely in the right direction. Really, though, it was probably all just groundwork for 2005.

trakMARX - “Let Us Have It” hinted at an affiliation with early Roxy Music. Would that be an accurate assumption?

Alex - Here’s looking at you, kid.

trakMARX - “Best Kept Secret” gave fans a chance to catch up with the development of Luxembourg over the last 4 years. You are at pains to stress that it is NOT yr debut LP. When are we likely to hear said debut LP - & will it feature any of the material from “Best Kept Secret”?

Alex - When you work so hard developing something, you want to give the end result your very best shot. We hope it won’t be too far away - and, hey, would YOU leave Making Progress off your debut album?

trakMARX - How did you get involved with Angular?

Alex - We went to the zoo together.

trakMARX - “Rip Off Yr Labels” was without doubt the best independent compilation for eons. Are we on the cusp on an independent renaissance?

Alex - Not sure about the cusp just yet, but there does seem to be something in the air. Or maybe that’s just the pheromones.

trakMARX - What’s Luxembourg’s overview of the current UK scene?

Alex - Well, at least Busted have fucked off now.

trakMARX - Apart from yrselves, obviously, who else should discerning punters keep an eye on in 2005?

Alex - The Rocks, The Long Blondes, Cowboy Shooters, their partners

trakMARX - Are Luxembourg ambitious?

Alex - Of course.

trakMARX - What would constitute success for Luxembourg in 2005?

Alex - Universal adoration for our forthcoming single - “Luxembourg vs Great Britain” - followed by appearances on Popworld and the ability to quit our more or less mundane jobs. A street level coup to dethrone the NME. Some nice days out by the sea.

trakMARX - And finally - when will you be treading the boards live again?

Alex - We’ve got several London dates booked in February & March (see In April, we’ll be venturing out of the capital and appearing in a town near you. Please come and say hello.

Wed 9th Mar - Live In Rocklands, Amersham Arms, New Cross w/ The Modern
Sat 12th Mar - Metro Club, Oxford Street w/ Rhesus, Corporation:Blend
Sun 3rd Apr - Dogbox Records Night, Dublin Castle, Camden w/ The Bridge Gang, Mitten
Thu 14th Apr - The Cooperage, Newcastle-on-Tyne
Fri 29th Apr - Come Out 2Nite, The Purple Turtle, Camden
Tue 3rd May - G-Spot Festival, Toucan Club, Cardiff
Mon 16th May - Sawdust Caesars @ The Pleasure Unit, Bethnal Green

Harrison Bored – tMx 18 – 01/05

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