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Black Time

Hey, kids. Do you know what time it is? It’s Black Time.

Made up of broken bits of The Action Time & The Hotwires, Black Time made some of our favourite noise of last year. Resolutely NO-FI - & CD haters to boot - Black Time were the most authentic group of 2004. Fuck the careerist bullshit neo pop art tedium of mainstream jnr – this shit is as far up the creek as it’s possible to get without a paddle.

Half Crime half Cramps – Lemmy Caution’s tortured howl is often inaudible above the courageous cacophony created by this loose-as-fuck trio. Black Time deal you the kind of hand you can stake yr life on. Throw caution to the wind & take a chance on Lemmy.

You’re not going to find this gear down at yr local HMVirgin Megastore. You’re going to have to put as much effort into finding Black Time as Black Time are putting into finding you. This is music for connoisseurs of the classically shaped punk rock’n’roll combo. You won’t find Black Time on any handy style guide lists for 2005.

Jean Encoule recently chatted with Black Time head honcho, Lemmy Caution, to extract the low-down on their ‘campaign’ for 2005 & their thoughts on the year we just lost:

trakMARX - Now that it’s safely buried under six foot of nostalgia - how was 2004 for Black Time?

Lemmy Caution - A tentative toe dipped into the water...some bad stuff like the trip to Europe getting cancelled, but lots of good stuff as well. I felt like I’d achieved something at the end of the year apart from merely existing - and really, that’s all any of us can hope for!

trakMARX - How did the “Blackout” LP fair with the punters?

Lemmy Caution - Pretty good - we only did 500 on vinyl, which was some form of bloody-minded suicide, but I was bowled over when we sold out almost the entire pressing. The best part was getting e-mails from far-flung places like Argentina from people saying how much they dug it - fuck knows how they got hold of it but it’s great that they did! Punk rock = communication, so the wider the dissemination of disease the better!

trakMARX - What was the most memorable Black Time performance of 2004 - & why?

Lemmy Caution - Halloween party definitely. The first Black Time live explosion and we played with our good friends the Ulcers, the Motherfuckers and the Mor Paranoids. I can just about remember pogoing to the Motherfuckers at the end of the night along with a load of other people in wierd costumes who were almost as drunk as I was.

trakMARX - What other groups currently operating in the UK would Black Time consider comrades?

Lemmy Caution - The above mentioned Halloween conspirators, plus the Real Losers, Lunar Jet Man, Priscillas, Graverobbers, Subway Slims, KillKillKill, Battys, Los Raw Gospels, Bullet Union, Parkinsons, Buckets, Wet Dog, Sexaphone, Corpse Love, UK Cunt, Car Trouble (oh yeah – Antmusic Ed)...

trakMARX - As a strictly vinylist group - will Black Time be releasing any 45s in 2005?

Lemmy Caution - I really hope so, the 7 inch vinyl single is the best format basically, isn’t it? The classic vessel to transport rocknroll from needle to speakers to twisting hips. We’ve had offers from some garage/punk labels in Europe to do singles so we just gotta lay down the tracks.

trakMARX - Will we be seeing any further editions “Fun In The UK” or any other Black Time affiliated zines?

Lemmy Caution - I started writing a zine called “Killer 45!” which was all about 7”s, but I wanted to print it in a 7 x7 format and there was no way to do it on the photocopier at work so I shelved it for the time being. If I can figure a way to do it without paying a printer £££s it’ll come out. Other rants and stances as the red mist descends...

trakMARX - What live dates have you got pencilled into yr diary for early 2005?

Saturday 29th January - thee bLAcK tiME versus THE REAL LOOOOSSSSEEEERRRRRRRSSSSSSSS at the Pleasure Unit in Bethnal Green. It’s gonna be messy (& it’s also already have going to have happened by the time you read this – Continuity Ed).

trakMARX - What’s Black Time’s take on the “explosive scene currently eating the capital” - erm - is the Rhythm Factory really the new Roxy?

Lemmy Caution - As long as the young folks are enjoying themselves then good on ‘em! Most
of the music I’ve heard from that scene sounds like a bad Britpop re-hash to me though, and everyone seems to be playing it dangerous as a building block to getting signed (yawn) and having a career (bleeuurrghh). Dunno if they’re part of the ‘scene’, but the band I play drums for did a show with Neil’s Children last year and they seemed pretty good - like a post-punk Subway Sect or something (We like them! – Popular Taste Ed).

trakMARX - Following the recent battle of the Astoria @ the Babyshambles no-show - is the time right for Pete to OD & do us all a favour?

Lemmy Caution - Well I don’t know about Pete - but it’s a shame the fans didn’t burn the Astoria to the fucking ground and do us all a favour. They don’t call them the MEAN fiddler for nothing.

trakMARX - What are Black Time most looking forward to in 2005?

Lemmy Caution - Finally getting out of the UK and playing in Europe (coming sometime, maybe). 2nd LP coming out on P.Trash records of Germany. Doing some killer 45s. The Crime reformation gigs.

Jean Encoule – tMx 18 – 01/05

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