Leader 18

Elevator, going up.

Start practising the goosestep, growing a ‘Penny Black’ moustache & learning German - if you know what’s good for you in 2005:

George Bush has promised to continue exporting fascism to a country near you in the name of democracy. Look out for black helicopters - listen up for ‘clicks & buzzing’ on your telephone lines - oh - & don’t set up any websites in Scandinavia outlining your plans to assassinate the thief in chief. They’ll close you down & fuck you up (Respect & shouts out to the Norwegian hip hop massive – or whatever).

Meanwhile, Neo US Secretary of State, Condescending Lisa Rice, has lost the latest round in the battle to stop the rest of us selling arms to China – but is still an excellent roll model to illustrate how ‘nearly’ black people still have every opportunity to make it in the land of the free.

Talking of ‘nearly’ white people - & losers - Michael Jackson faces his toughest battle yet - & no - that’s not talking yet another under privileged youngster into a ‘sleepover’ – but defending himself against wicked accusations that a cuddly entertainer of his magnitude would ever stoop so low as to ‘interfere’ with a minor against their will. Jackson’s attorneys, Glitter, King & Fairclough, strenuously deny all charges - except their own exorbitant ones.

Here in the UK – we’re not so far behind – this just in:

Tony Blair has fucked Gordon Brown in the arse over ‘succession’ & intends to continue ‘at the helm’ until he achieves his ultimate aim of becoming the 1st president of the 51st state of the USA.

The Conservative leader, Michael Coward, has spoilt the political poker game as well as his ballot paper by playing the ‘race card’: cue Tory swing to the BNP. Apparently the UK is ‘full up’.

All the Liberals come out at night – dopers, pimps, junkies - & as any media studies student knows: scratch a liberal - find a fascist underneath. The moral high-ground majority have never had it so perplexed.

The UK Independent Party & The Robert Killroy Silk Party (Vanitas) continue to fight for the financial backing of the amassed wealth of the ‘blue rinse brigade’. Come back Enoch Powell, all is begotten.

Prince Harry’s obsession with Siouxsie Sioux is woefully misinterpreted in the world’s media as an ‘affiliation’ with Combat 18 - whilst the Gloucestershire ‘dressing up shop’ that seemingly stocks a wide variety of Nazi uniforms for the exclusive use of hunt ball regulars escapes without so much as a critical slap on the arse of their lederhosen. Maybe he’s still a bit upset about his mother being killed & replaced with an old trout - & that’s why he gets pissed & smokes too much.

One of these days we’ll get ourselves organazized.

The Koala Brothers – tMx 18 – 01/05

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