Intro 18

The idea to follow Issue 17 of with Issue 18 came about after a curry on a cold, dark & rainy night in Coventry, following several beers with my great mate, colleague & fellow unpublished writer, Suburban Kid. The basic numerical sequencing idea had been around for some time, admittedly, but when Sub Kid looked up from his chicken Madras & said, “18” – all I could say in reply was, “Don’t just talk about it. Do it.”

Bonjours, mes amis – & welcome to Issue 18 of – the illegitimate child of a forgotten ideal. Hats off to Larry (whoever he may be) & the rest of the tMx team for all their sterling work in bringing you yet another fact packed lunch box of punk rock’n’roll irreverence. It’s 2005 - & we’re excited.

We’re excited about Kris Needs, who steps up to the bar once again to grace us with his riveting & entertaining tribute to John Peel entitled: “John Peel, His Producer Soulmate & The Mad Captain”.

We’re excited about talking to Johnny Strike of CRIME, Penelope Houston of The AVENGERS - & our Parade Of Dusty Old Record Sleeves homage to the legendary Dangerhouse Records.

We’re excited about talking to Legs McNeil, stalwart of the seminal Punk Magazine & co-author of the essential aural history of NYC Punk, “Please Kill Me”.

We’re excited about talking to Barry Myres, aka DJ Scratchy, about his wonderful new compilation LP on Trojan Records: “Scratchy Sounds”.

We’re excited about the new sounds that have been filling our ears these past couple of months: the gritty realism & jet black humour of JINX LENNON, the stunning authenticity & no-fi defiance of BLACK TIME, the prodigious talent & engaging intelligence of LUXEMBOURG, the promise of a good kicking from THE SOULS - & the pure pop suss of THE BOYFRIENDS.

We’re excited about talking to TV SMITH of THE ADVERTS about the re-release of the vastly under-rated “Cast Of Thousands”.

We’re excited about talking to NICK PRICE of THE STAR SPANGLES about their imminent new LP.

Brian Young is excited about Kris Needs’ new book about Joe Strummer & The Legend Of The Clash.

We’re also excited about books on BLONDIE & SUICIDE (& also the re-issue of their 3rd & 4th LPs by Blast First).

We’re excited about the stuff you send us to review: The Beat Up, The Others, The A-Lines, LCD Soundsystem, Termites, Sexaphone, Martini Henry Rifles, Gold Blade, Stuffy & The Fuses, Being 747, The Cherry Reds, Striplight, Yena Veldt, Kill Kill Kill & Empty Vessels.

We’re even pretty excited about silly old fool, Marquee Smith, who fires his Bullshit Detector up in search of fakers, shakermakers & generational signifiers.

At the end of the day, we’re pretty excitable boys & girls here at tMx. We trust that we’ve conveyed that sentiment adequately in yr general direction, once again.

Sing, Michael, sing. On the route of the 19 bus.

Au revoir, mes amis.

Jean Encoule – tMx 18 – 02/05
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