Intro 17

Seasonal greetings, punk-pickers! A hearty “Hey Ho Let’s Go” to each & every one of you this festive fun-packed day/night (or whenever it is you read this shit).

Issue 17 is upon us - & what a selection of presents we have for you around Ye Holy Tree Of Punk Rock @ xmAS

Let There Be Joy: Kris Needs On The Clash, Brian Young (Rudi)’s Clash City Wreckers, The State Of The Clash-nation: 2005 – Gray/Encoule – Head To Head, Encoule On Gilbert, Wreckless Eric, Jowe Head, Billy Childish & CRIME.

Let There Be Celebration: Neils Children, The Ulcers, The New Live At The Roxy - & all the reviews you can be bothered to read.

Let There Be Visual Cinematic Entertainment: “Jubilee” (part 2) & “Straight To Hell” are slapped & kicked about by Tyler Durden (tMx ‘Cub’ Movie correspondent) – whilst Suburban Kid reports from The Raindance Film Festival in that big London.

Let There Be Sadness: We all mourn together as John Peel passes.

Don’t let xmAS get you down this Christmas – – Issues 1-16: BACK ISSUES.

Good time to catch up on some reading!

Merry whatever.

Harrison Bored – tMx 17 – 10/04
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