Professional Photography
Professional Photography.

A little while ago Sub Kid helped a man with a camera into shows by SLF & Sham 69. The man proceeded to shoot reels of film whilst we chatted about Punk Rock. We didn’t see him again – then this turned up – so we thought: let’s stick the pictures up on tMx. You lot can see the pictures - & Gary may pick up some more work!

We asked him for a few words & contact details – this is what he had to type:

NAME: Gary Phillips

BORN: Birmingham 1965 (old bastard)

TASTES: Been listening to Punk music since 1978 and will do so till I die.

OCCUPATION: I've been a Professional photographer for as long as I care to mention.

SYNOPSIS BEHIND PHOTOS: Thanks to the boys at trakMARX I managed to get into some SLF & Sham gigs towards the end of last year. Check out my shots.

LOCATION: I moved to Australia in November where I'm pursuing the same thing.

RECENT ACTIVITIES: Photographed a great local band called the Spazzys - and hot Aussie band, Magic

RAISON D’ETRE: Keep on rocking (in the not so free world).

The main stiff

Bruce what am i doing here? Foxton

Do it Brucie!

Suspect device ho ho

Sham 1
Jimmmy Pursey (on the left)

Sham 2
Track off the new album?

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