The Art Of Dying Young
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The Art Of Dying Young – Vicious by Mark Paytress.

Mark Paytress picks up the gauntlet thrown down by Alan Parker’s appalling, “Vicious – Too Fast To Live”, to deliver a well researched deconstruction of the life & times of Sidney Vicious.

Fresh insight & in depth interviews are proffered with out any pictures (are you taking notes, Honey Monster?). 218 pages are filled with expressive & accessible prose. The boy looked at Johnny – then surpassed him like a supernova - almost over night.

Paytress quizzes many of Vicious’ friends & contemporaries to paint a stark but ultimately realistic portrait of a hopelessly floored icon who, even at the zenith of his trajectory, had absolutely no real idea what he was doing or where he was going. Maybe that’s what makes Viscous so enduring.

We follow Simon’s sordid tale from it’s Hackney art school roots to it’s Chelsea Hotel conclusion – constantly aware that Sid was merely a boy & should (by rights) have been far better protected than he was. Lydon’s tears in “The Filth & The Fury” were definitely not purchased second hand from a crocodile, lest we forget. The blame attached to Malcolm still refuses to go quietly.

Jean Encoule – tMx 16 – 08/04

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