Do You Know Who We Hate? Ann Coulter
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Do You Know Who We Hate? Ann Coulter.

That’s right! Far right, to be precise. Goosestep one time - for the bleached blonde sex symbol of the US Far Right (i.e. Nazi) lobby: Ann Coulter.

Coulter is bottle blonde, forty something, full time fascist who writes books against liberalism (“liberals are racists”) & appears on TV news & talk shows. She honestly appears to believe the following:

A) All French people are ‘faggots’

B) Any one who doesn’t agree with her is a ‘fatuous idiot’/’evil’

C) That Pakistanis are: ‘never very high in anyone’s caste system, are they? Poor little Pakis’

Ann Coulter is obviously not well. So what does that say about the publishers, TV stations & radio shows that give her page space/air time? In fact, let’s kick that a touch wider. What THE FUCK does that say about the country we know & HATE as the ‘UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’?


If you don’t have time for Moore – check Al Franken – he’s dedicated two chapters to her in his latest best seller: “Lies & The Lying Liars Who Tell Them”.

It would appear that Ann Coulter believes herself to be perfectly sane. She predicts that France will ‘turn into Morocco within ten years’. She understands ALL Muslims to be terrorists - & she has George W Bush down as a nappy wetting liberal mother fucker that just doesn’t get out invading infidel countries with vast oil reserves often enough. Ann hates liberals almost as much as her daddy hated communism. God, those goddamn Gullags – they got me so down. Thank the lord that the red menace was eventually brought to its knees by the righteousness of THE WEST.

Ann Coulter must be a very scary place to be. I sure wouldn’t go there in a hurry. Above it all – it would appear that she fancies herself as well. So Vanity & Stupidity ARE mutually exclusive after all.

Hound Ann Coulter down where ever she may be. Burn her books, heckle her, throw rotten tomatoes & cold beef stew at her. Send her horrible things in the post. Find out where she lives & ruin her life. Chat her up in a sleazy bar, take her home, administer date rape drugs, invite yr mates round to gang bang her once she’s passed out - & make sure at least a few of them are HIV positive.

“One day a real rain will come to wash all the scum of the streets”

Travis Bickle – tMx 16 – 08/04


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