Leader 16.

500,000 feet on the streets of NYC can’t be wrong:

“Resist, resist – we know you’re pissed”

The outraged backbone of ‘middle America’ just won’t take this shit a minute longer.

There are those who think Bush has failed, there are those who think Bush was doomed to fail - & there are those who noticed he didn’t actually win last time out.

Can a mistake of that magnitude occur twice on the roll? Can the same 6 numbers come up week after week on the lottery? We’ll get back to you on that one.

Wake up & smell the bullshit, Uncle Sam. Cut through the dawn chorus of mobile phone ring tones & make a difference. Close the door on ‘insider’ trading, fundamental corruption & ‘pet’ nation policies.

It’s time to see if US foreign policy alters after ‘regime change’. It’s time to see if Kerry is another puppet. It’s time to work out who runs America: The CIA, The FBI or Fox.

If you are reading this in the USA – WE’RE TAKING TO YOU DIRECTLY. Vote the CUNT out – NOW!

Then we need some kind of ‘Nuremberg’ justice.

We’ll leave it with you – get back to us, US.

Jean Encoule – tMx 16 – 08/04

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