Intro 16

Locked down here in the underground solitude of the tMx Bunker – we can hear the rain pound against the escape hatch as we type. It seems to have been raining for 40 days/nights. Sub Kid has started making an ark out of Razorlite CDs, a washing up bottle & sticky backed plastic. The Revelation Will Not Be Televised.

Soooo – it is with apocalyptic glee that we bring you the 16th edition of – where sarcasm is the highest form of wit:

Shellshock Rock - Brian Young dissects the importance of one of Punk Rock’s best movies.

The Saints - Jean Encoule celebrates the arrival of the long awaited Saints retrospective.

The Futureheads - Harrison Bored shouts: “Futureheads are the future. No Future.”

“The Libertines” - Melvin Blagg vents his anger at not receiving a promo copy.

The Ramones – End Of The Century - Vince Lombardi (High) tells us all about the new Ramones film.

Regina Spektor - The Katestar goes all mushy about The Strokes mate.

Fahrenheit 9/11 – The temperature at which freedom burns. Jean Encoule reports.

Johnny Boy – Harrison Bored goes ape-shit about a 45!

Do You Know Who We Hate? - That’s right. Ann Coulter.

Joe Strummer Exhibition

Vicious – The Art Of Dying Young – Jean Encoule decides Mark Paytress knows what he’s talking about.

The Vibrators – Pure Mania – Marquee Smith recalls the buzz surrounding Knox & the boys.

Ramones Underpants – Hey ho – let’s go to the toilet.

Poetry/Emotion – Sticks & stones may break our bones but words will only move us.

Professional Photographer – The photographic skills of Gaz Philips.


Bullshit Detector – Razorlight – Jean Encoule doesn’t believe the hype. No, boyeeeeeeee.

Back Issues – All 15 of them – in all their G.L.O.R.Y – read ‘em & sleep.

Thanx for keeping it tMx – until the next time – be happy.

Jean Encoule – tMx 16 – 08/04
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