Boxing Clever-Killing Joke & Blondie
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Boxing Clever - Killing Joke & Blondie

The death of the 7" 45 rpm vinyl disc has been a long & drawn out affair. Music fans have proved reluctant to give up on a format that offers so much (when compared to, say, an MP3) that the dubious process of recreating classic 7" 45s in CD format seems to be catching on. The Jam, The Damned, Buzzcocks, The Fall, Elvis Costello - all have had reproduction singles collections released during the last couple of years. Killing Joke & Blondie are the latest additions to the ever growing pile of boxes on our shelves:

killing joke boxed set

Killing Joke - "Chaos For Breakfast"

It's 25 years since the dawn of Killing Joke & their label, Malicious Damage. To celebrate the passing of a quarter of a century, Malicious Damage have reactivated the label - & its 1st release is a superb Killing Joke box: "Chaos For Breakfast".

The 5 CD set captures the group's 1st 4 x 45s (complete with repro sleeves & original stickers) & a bonus disc of Malicious Demos - plus a set of 24 exclusive previously unseen photographic images. "Chaos For Breakfast" is strictly limited, by the way, so I would strongly advise each & everyone of you to snap one of these buggers up, smartish, before they all fly out & you're left alone - full of regret & longing.

CD 1 - "Nervous System"/"Turn To Red"/"Are You Receiving"/"Almost Red"

CD 2 - "Wardance"/"Psyche"

CD 3 - "Requiem"/"Change"

CD 4 - "Follow The Leaders"/"Tension"/"Follow The Leader" (Dub)/"Follow The Leader" (original lyrics)

CD5 - "Requiem"/"Wardance"/"Bloodsport"/"The Wait"/"Complications"/"Change"/"Madness"/"Killer Dub"/"Bloodsport"

Plot the course of development undertaken by Jaz & the boys as they mutate from dark dub shadows to sonic monsters of gothic doom before your very ears. The power & the glory of a finely tuned Killing Joke at full throttle is not something to be missed. I remember them ruining Death Cult's set at Futurama by sound-checking their back line while Death Cult were performing - provocative fuckers!
Killing Joke were never short on attitude - as the recordings featured in this marvellous collection prove. Welcome to the fucked up world of Killing Joke. You'll die laughing!

Blondie - Singles Box

Blondie were a group. Blondie were what we used to call a 'singles group'. "Blondie - Singles Box" - is, therefore, the perfect one stop option for anyone wanting to complete their Blondie singles collection. From "Rip Her To Shreds" to "Warchild", every Blondie 45 recorded by the original group is presented here in CD single format.

"Rip Her To Shreds", "In The Flesh", "X Offender", "Denis", "(I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence Dear", "Picture This", "Hanging On The Telephone", "Heart Of Glass", "Sunday Girl", "Dreaming", "Union City Blue", "Atomic", "Call Me" - Blondie knew the potential of pop could secure artistic immortality - & that is perfectly illustrated by "Blondie - Singles Box".

Debbie Harry remains the most perfect front-woman in pop 25 years after Blondie's heyday. No one has ever matched her for beauty, style or sexuality - & for many of us, no one ever will. To men of a certain age, Blondie represent sexual awakening & the pursuit of the unattainable. From 1976 to 1979 Blondie ruled the world.

Critics may moan & point you at one of the many Blondie compilations currently flooding the market - but that would be missing the point. Punk Rock was always predominantly a singles medium & Blondie's 45 catalogue is as seminal & influential that of Buzzcocks, the Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Damned, The Stranglers or any other first wavers you care to mention.

'Blondie Are A Group', claimed early badges designed to bug critics who claimed the group were merely a backing band for Debbie Harry. Blondie were always a group - one of the greatest pop groups in the history of Punk.

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