Fashion Victims?
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Fashion Victims?

Here at tMx, we're always keen to keep abreast of fashion. This is not a secret. Perhaps that's why our readers are so productive in the creative department & keep supplying us with a steady stream of old school relevant fashion items.

Many designs have hit the Wastebin in the last couple of months. Some have been poorly thought out & badly illustrated, others have been well produced but poorly concepted. The best two submissions are illustrated below along with the relevant contact details for purchase information.

new york dolls thong

Fashion Victim Design 1 has been submitted by Steve Hooker. It's a New York Dolls thong. The advertising campaign exclaims: 'Wear 'Em - Or Throw Them At Morrissey'. You can order direct from Steve at:

morones t shirt

Fashion Victim Design 2 has been submitted by the brainchild behind the 'Enigmatic Mystery Mourner' craze that is currently sweeping the funerals of the rich & trendy across the nation, Mr Rob Guerrini. His hilarious pastiche of the Ramones classic tee is available via interstellar mail order only from:

Harrison Bored - tMx 15 - 06/04

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