The Straps - Memorabilia Appeal
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The Straps - Memorabilia Appeal

Following last issue's Straps feature, we were contacted by Dave Reeves (bass) with the following appeal:

Could you put out a call to all the old school punx at to see if they can help me?

I`m looking for any old Straps stuff like: reviews, flyers, ads, photos, etc, for the CD booklet which will be inside the "Straps Punk Collection" CD (Captain Oi!) - due out Sept/ Oct 04.

I`m also looking for any film footage of The Straps which is needed for a punk DVD due out Aug/Sept 04 to coincide with a new punk book called "Burning Britain" (Cherry Red Books) about 'second wave' punk bands that released records between 80/84 (we are included even though we were a 'first wave' group because we never released any records until 1980!).

If anyone can help - no matter how small the info is - they email me at:

Dave Reeves - tMx 15 - 06/04

Check out the all new improved:

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