God Save The Queen On A&M
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God Save The Queen On A&M

The bunker was awash with incredulity when we were approached by a Mr Gary Dansco to co-ordinate the sale of his copy of "God Save The Queen" by the Sex Pistols on A&M records.

Forget the rash of boots blighting the market at present. This baby was one of the 12 copies in existence of the "A&M Redundancy Sweeteners" (complete with letter) copies & was offered for sale framed.

Suburban Kid, always one to rise to a challenge, immediately placed the item on E Bay where it eventually realised a staggering £6303.00 (almost doubling the existing record market price. The mystery buyer, a man simply referred to as 'some bloke from Liverpool', wishes to remain anonymous at present, more in fear of rising insurance premiums than anything else, but we do intend to contact him & quiz him at a later date should he wish to co-operate with our ongoing enquiries.

gift set
The complete delux gift boxed item.

with matching 'letter from polygram' novelty item.

Oh and you also get this 7" single.

Harrison Bored - tMx 15 - 06/04

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