Domestic Bliss - Unseen & Forgotten
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Domestic Bliss - Unseen & Forgotten

Following our recent feature on Mid Warwickshire's 2cnd wave punkers, Domestic Bliss, we were approached by a shady looking gentleman with a droopy Zapata moustache hawking 'lost' shots of the final Domestic Bliss line up from 1979:

Chris Jennings - Lead Vocals
Simon Morgan - Guitars & shouting
Darren Guy - Bass & smoking
John Henderson - Drums & lager

These exclusive archive shots have never been seen before by anyone other than Darren's mum & Mrs Morris (who used to clean the village hall in Norton Lindsey).

The surviving members of Domestic Bliss were subsequently & duly approached by tMx: What would you like us to do with these unique visual memories of being somewhere once when it almost mattered?

The answer was unanimous - sell them to the highest bidder to pay off Brian Parsons & the NLYC overdue subs hit squad (apparently, several rehearsals from 1978 were not paid for at the time - Brian Parsons is a very powerful member of the cricket club committee these days - & NOT a man who likes to be fucked about)!

The negatives were immediately put up on Ebay with a modest start price of £1.69 & were eventually sold to an anonymous Canadian dealer for a staggering £43.64 (not including P&P). Brian Parsons was immediately paid the outstanding £26.21 - & the NLYC Debt Collectors were called off.

The remaining £17.43 was split 4 ways: Chris spent his money on a copy of Buzzcocks "I Don't Mind" in a slightly better conditioned sleeve than the copy he already owns, Darren spent his money on a packet of Marlboro Lights & a clipper lighter, John spent his money on a 20th Anniversary Ltd Edition Six Pack of Hemmling (quality low fat lager from Scandinavia, circa 1979) & a packet of tees & Simon spent his money on marijuana (what a fucking surprise - Ed).

A barrel scraping exercise? The flogging of an already dead horse? Some more product? Are we all prostitutes? Only future history can answer these questions fairly.

There were the Sex Pistols - & there was Domestic Bliss. Could either have them existed independently of each other? John Savage only knows.

Jean Encoule - tMx 15 - 11/06/044

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