Intro 15

Welcome aboard flight 015 of tMx airlines. Please fasten your safety belts, extinguish all cigarettes & secure any loose children in the overhead baggage compartments above your seat. I am your captain, Jean Encoule, & I am pleased to inform you that this issue will be flying at a height of approximately 30,000 feet. The duration of this flight should be around 4 hours & 12 minutes & we hope to touch down at Punk Rock Enlightenment Airport at 22.25 (local time).

• Larging it in the 1st class toilets with an undisclosed list of banned substances & a bottle of JD is the accepted media profile of the legendary Kris Needs, who this issue provides us with over 8000 sterling & informative words on the subject: "Keith Richards - Original Punk".

• Relaxing calmly in Club Class are interviews with: mclusky, Black Wire, the Angular Recording Company & MMM USA.

• Moaning loudly in Business Class & sinking vodka & orange by the pint are: features on Robert Quine (RIP), Morrissey Hype, Jesse Malin, The Slits, The Straps Memorabilia Appeal & an exclusive front page pop up featuring exclusive shots (courtesy of Paul Burgess - cheers, Paul - Sub Kid) of The New York Dolls live in London.

• Putting up with the cramped leg room & dropping Valium like smarties in 2cnd class are: lost images of Domestic Bliss, Punk Rock In The Movies, Suburban Kid, Some More Reviews & all the usual bullshit, made up stuff & comedy journalism.

Enjoy the flight & remember - air rage: it's not big & it's not clever (readers are cordially reminded that any random acts of violence could result in trakMARX being 'thrown off' the internet).

You have been warned.

Jean Encoule - tMx 15 - 06/04
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