The Pervz – X Offenders
The Pervz
The Pervz – X Offenders.

Dylan Wise – Bass, vocals.
Dallas Wise – Gtr, vocals.
Joe Perv – Drums.

The Pervz debut EP crash-landed into the tMx office just the other day like a small meteor through a large greenhouse roof. To say we’re still clearing up some 3 weeks later is an understatement up there with: Tony Blair is a shifty cunt.

Like a prime time politician roasting over an open fire in public, The Pervz make one fuck of a noise: a totally healthy mix of old skool appropriation & new skool ambition.

The Pervz could well be the loudest bunch of motherfuckers we’ve heard since The RC5! I still can’t get my ears to stop ringing (buy them a ‘pay as you go mobile’ – Ed).

The Pervz 4-track EP has been released in a ltd run of 1000 copies on Las Vegas’ Wood Shampoo Records & if you want one I’d write 1st class to:

Wood Shampoo Records, PO Box 27801, Las Vegas, Nevada 89126-1801

Knowing a loud thing when I hear one, I immediately set about badgering The Pervz into talking to tMx. This is what they had to say:

trakMARX - When, how & why did life begin for The Pervz?

Pervz - Life began early 2003. The Dbros (Dylan & Dallas) answered an ad in a local internet site. The reason for coming to be is to kick out the jams & shake things up in rock n' roll.

trakMARX - Had the 3 of you had much previous punk rock n roll experience?

Pervz - I (Joe) had been in a bunch of rock bands & the Dbros were in a punk thing before in Texas.

trakMARX - Is the new EP your vinyl debut?

Pervz - Yep.

trakMARX - The back cover of the EP features 3 x Pervz urinating in the classic Clash "White Riot" sleeve stance. Are you big Clash fans?

Pervz - Kinda, but we thought we'd just show off our snazzy suit coats.

trakMARX - Did you ever see Billy Childish's Thee Stash parody 7" aping the same pose?

Pervz - Nope.

trakMARX - Your sound combines Punk fury, Stooges power & an old skool punk rock n roll reverence. Who are The Pervz heroes/heroines?

Pervz - The Ramones, The Stooges & more current - Nirvana (Kurt Cobain).

trakMARX - Are you gonna do an LP with Wood Shampoo?

Pervz - We've talked a little bit about it but we need to have a sit down & figure a few things.

trakMARX - Who would The Pervz stand shoulder to shoulder with from the USA's current crop of guitar slingers?

Pervz - Any of them, anywhere, anytime!!

trakMARX - Any plans to play out in the UK?

Pervz - We'd love to play the UK. Can you get us a gig? (erm, not exactly, but we know a man who can – Ed)

trakMARX - What's the next big thing for The Pervz?

Pervz - Management, big time record deal, maybe a house or two in Portofino. We're just going to continue playing out as much as possible, spreading the word. Let the word be heard, the word is The Pervz!

Johnny Forgotten – tMx 14 – 04/04
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