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The Priscillas – Offspring Of The King?

The Priscillas are doubtless waiting in the wings as I type for their imminent coronation as the UK’s foremost purveyors of female scented rock & roll fun. Born in late 2003 in London Town, The Priscillas hair is not the only thing standing proud to announce their arrival: their tunes, beauty & sense of the absurd all mark them down as contenders.

The Priscillas love boots, wigs & short skirts almost as much as they love punked up rock n roll. Mixing 60s pop sus, 70s punk aggression & noughties retro fetishism, The Priscillas could well have been created in a darkened laboratory by a shady impresario (except that they haven’t been – it’s all resolutely their OWN work!!).

Fed up with sulky boys hiding behind foppish fringes? Pissed off with macho axe wielding & pretentiousness? Considering calling the police because someone’s stolen your rock & roll happiness?

Fret no more. The worry is over – The Priscillas are here - & so’s Jean Encoule to quiz them for you:

trakMARX - Firstly, Kate, why did you leave the Hotwires?

Kate - I didn't leave, we went into meltdown.

trakMARX - Have Jen, Guri and Mavis had any previous experience of the art of stage craft?

Jen - How much time have you got?

Guri -I wanna mention the Mutants. They were an industrial goth punk band and we were GOOD. I was in Peach Fuzz and some other shady bands, including a country punk band because I could drink a lot.

Jen -I was in the Drag Triplets and the High School Sweethearts. And I did karaoke. Actually, that’s a lie. I've never done it!

Guri -I have.

Kate -Me too.

Guri -I always have a go at 'Jolene' or '99 Red Balloons' (in German, of course! - Kate and Guri start singing '99 Luftballoons')

Kate -I usually do Joan Jett - anything that involves screaming.

Guri -I've probably been in about 20 bands.

Kate -Me too. Well, about 4 or 5….

Mave -I was in the St Winifred's School Choir but got chucked out for picking my nose.

trakMARX - How did the Priscillas evolve?

Jen -We didn't evolve, we were spawned.

Guri -There was a cosmic collision…

Kate -…and we were bitten by a radioactive space Priscilla Presley…

Guri -…whilst on a school trip to Gracelands!

Mave -Things have never been the same since.

trakMARX - Tell us about your collective experiences at The Ramones Rock 'n' Roll High School.

The Priscillas - We were expelled because we bought a jazz CD.

trakMARX - What qualifications did you individually require to enter the Academy of Tragic Melody?

The Priscillas - Well, after being kicked out of the Rock & Roll High School, we experienced shame and dishonour. We was cold, lonely, then our pet goldfish ('Elvis') got run over and my broken heart could take no more. It was the only place we could go….

trakMARX - How were your grades?

Guri -I got skid marks

Jen -I got track marks

Mave -I got Primarks

Kate -I got Karl Marx

trakMARX - You've already made quite an impression on the capital's live circuit. How are audiences responding to that Priscillas sound (and looks)?

Kate -They love us!

Jen -There are Priscillas wannabes everywhere.

Kate -People have been coming to our shows in wigs and capes.

Mave -There’s tears, laughter, uncontrollable urges…

Jen -Mass hysteria.

Guri -Outbreaks of hives..

Mave -..and we're not talking about the band.

Jen - That's how rumours get started!

trakMARX - You made your debut recordings with Ed Deegan at Gizzard - how were the sessions and are you happy with the results?

Jen -It was a religious experience!

Kate -We encouraged some kind of uprising in the gospel church next to the studio - people left the gathering and took to the streets, banging drums and worshipping us as Sun Gods.

Guri - Thunder struck as we came out of the studio .Then we turned the church goers to the way of Satan.

trakMARX - Any plans to release a 45 in the foreseeable future?

Jen -Yup, and if you're lucky a 33

Kate -And a 78 and papyrus scrolls.

Mave -Watch this space…

Guri -We're gonna have a number one!

trakMARX - Where next for The Priscillas?

Guri -The world - ah ha ha ha ha (evil laugh).

Kate -And beyond.

Guri -Excluding Uranus and its many moons.

Jean Encoule – tMx 14 – 04/04

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