Who The Fuck Are Black Wire?
you'll never fuckin know
Who The Fuck Are Black Wire?

Si - Guitars,backing vocals, all other noise
VON - Bass
Dan - Vocals

Black Wire’s debut 45 – ‘Attack Attack Attack’/’Very Gun’ (Wrong Crowd Recordings – Wrong 001) – has been causing quite a rumpus around the tMx bunker. Some are saying: Suicide eats The Stooges. Others are claiming Black Wire could be the start of a new wave of mutilation. The more conservative & astute amongst us are simply tapping out our pipes to the glam-stomp beat, nodding sagely in agreement that Black Wire have made one highly engaging & imminently collectable 7’ 45 - & demanding that they be placed under immediate observation in the tMx ‘Next Big Thing’ cupboard – just in case.

This is what Black Wire’s website has to say about their ‘history’:

Black Wire had to be a band...

One look at them and you know they could not exist in the real world let alone get a job there. This three piece is about smashing your skull open with the kind of nasty punk electronic action that could fuck a corpse back to life.

They formed in January 2003 and played their first gig within a month. From there they have gone on to play with Ladytron, The Rapture, Chikinki, Pink Grease and The Libertines.

After their live debut came the Dazed & Confused award. Their demo found their way onto John Kennedy's XFM show and Radio 1's breezeblock. Their sound perhaps best pinned down in the press as 'Glam-tronic punk rock' they combine all they love about music and smash it to within an inch of its life.

Despite their manager's requests, the live shows grow more chaotic - somehow Black wire have survived long enough to play some of the hottest venues and club nights in the country including: Nag Nag Nag, Pigs, Liars Club, Notting Hill Arts Club, Camden Barfly and various Sonic Mook nights.

Picking up fans and record company interest along the way these boys are releasing their limited edition debut early 2004...

you have been warned!



26th February: Pigs @ The Hi Fi club, Leeds www.thepigscompany.co.uk

11th March: Vorspiel @ Notting Hill Arts club, London

17th March: supporting Ladytron @ Leeds Met

5th April : supporting The Rapture @ The Cockpit, Leeds

19th April: Computer Blue, The Delux Gallery, Hoxton, London www.computerblue.co.uk

4th may_ Clare Cellars Cambridge with Nag Nag Nag Dj's

14th may_ PIGS Live featuring Parva and Glasshouse at The Cockpit

29th may_ Death by Stereo @ Turnmills, London, feat Ladytron girls dj set www.electricboogie.net

30th may_ CHIPS didn't come to the Cockpit, but we played anyway.

2nd July_ NAG NAG NAG www.nagnagnag.info

4th July_ ZEROX@ New London super club EGG

10th July_Cockpit Carling Festival Battle of the bands.

Thursday 7th August_ Sonic Mook @ On The Rocks, London

Friday 8th August_ Razor Stiletto @ Club Element, Sheffield

16th september chicken shack presents @ the hifi club, leeds

26th september supports 'simple kid' @ josephs well, leeds

17th october queenz of noise @ camden barfly, london (w/libertines)

18th october sonic mook tour @ the rythem factory, london www.sonicmook.co.uk

29th october, the cockpit, leeds (w/ chikinki)

13th november liars club, nottingham www.liarsclub.co.uk

15th november, the vine, leeds

6th december cosey@ on the rocks, london

31 december @ catch 22, london


jan 15th middlesbrough arena
w/ pete doherty

jan 22nd nottingham liars club
w/ whirlwind heat & grips

Jean Encoule – tMx 14 – 04/04

Check: www.blackwire.tk

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