Wotcha - & welcome to Issue 14 of – the cyber home of the criminally underrated - the virtual domain of the perennially ignored – the recycling receptacle of yesterdays papers.

Firstly, for those of you expecting to find a PDF of ‘Play It At Your Sister – The Damned 1976-77’ accompanying this issue – I’m afraid Tony Blair isn’t the only one who can perform u-turns at the drop of a hat. Following last minute communications between & Sanctuary Music it has been decided that although Fab-U-Lus Records (RIP) has died & that The Damned vinyl box set will no longer happen in the UK, the aforementioned written volume retains merit & potential & will secure a release of some sort via Sanctuary Music before the end of this calendar year. Apologies for any misinformation that may have alluded otherwise.

Moving swiftly along – Issue 14 of tMx is very pleased to present you with a veritable cornucopia of punk, rock & roll action – as well as a large side order of ART. You may consider it a mannerist canvas – to us it’s simply a hobby!

First out of the stalls, early doors akimbo, we are eternally grateful to Kris Needs, who has exclusively dusted down his Zig Zag archive collection to entertain us with his own unique memories of the late great Johnny Thunders.

Not too far behind & closing - Suburban Kid tracks down Gail Higgins, The Heartbreakers road manager, to bring you her memories of Johnny.

Nat Shooter quizs Stuckist head honcho, Charles Thomson, on movements in art - & in the interests of balance, Jean Encoule records the thoughts of Stuckist co-founder, Billy Childish, for posterity (including a unique virtual Stuckist Gallery).

If that’s not enough to be going on with, Guy Debord & the Situationists are profiled in depth, Ben Miller talks exclusively about his time with Destroy All Monsters, we pay tribute to John McGeoch (sadly no longer with us), we chat with The Cravats & The Straps, we update you on the latest developments in the saga that is the MC5 film & bring you raw, young, punk flavoured talent in the shape of The Black Time, Black Wire, The Cherry Reds, Police And Thieves, The Priscillas, The Pervz, Vicious Cabaret & Art Brut.

Issue 15 of tMx will hit your browsers some time in early July – until then: select, print, staple & distribute.

Jean Encoule – tMx 14 – 04/04
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