Suburban Kid Sid Spread
Suburban Kid Sid Spread

25 years after his death from a heroin overdose, Sid Vicious remains the Punk Rock icon. Less cerebral & complex than Rotten, but ultimately no less intelligent or articulate, Sid has been condemned by history to remain misunderstood for eternity.

Suburban Kid is once again proud to exhibit a collection of 10 Sid images rarely (or never) seen before in any publication. extends genuine thanks & respect in the general direction of Paul Burgess, Chris Little, Dennis Morris & Suburban Kid himself for permission to exhibit these compelling images in our humble periodical. All images are copyrighted where stated & we would ask you to respect that fact at all times.

As is his wont, Suburban Kid would hate me to truncate this introduction without pointing out that, as always, everything is for sale, baby. With that in mind you can contact Suburban Kid directly - - should you wish to part with large sums of your disposable assets in a bid to own any of these highly desirable images your self.

Jean Encoule - tMx 13 - 02/04

sid on bass
Picture © Suburban Kid

Picture & Brunel University © Suburban Kid

Picture & bass gituar © Suburban Kid

The infamous Sid On Ice tour - Sid on bass at Winterland

Like I really want my fuckin picture taken - picture © D.Wainwright

Sid's best look.

Another picture of Sid

JR looks on.

Complete that collection!

Hunk city!

In the sports Barn supporting Brotherhood of Man
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