Promos, Demos, Submissions & Shit.
Promos, Demos, Submissions & Shit.

Record labels, groups, collectives, writers, photographers, artists, political parties, action groups, fans & fellow obsessives - we are not omnipresent. We cannot detect your most excellent Punk Rock ethics by telekenisis alone - sometimes you’ve got to help too.

It may be your new record - it may be your friend’s new record - it may be your job (it’s OK, we understand). It may be your new book - it may be your friend’s new book - it may be your job (ditto).

You may want to buy, sell - or simply track down a copy of Panic by Metal Urbain just to have a look at the sleeve. Whatever it is - if it’s a bit Punky, we need to know about it/can probably help. We have thousands of likeminded readers worldwide who like nothing more than to buy good Punk Rock records by decent Punk Rock groups & jump up & down while they’re listening to them.

We are objective, honest & above all - not afraid to call a turkey a turkey. If we rate you, we say so - if you suck, we like to take the piss (you should never be backwards in coming forwards when it comes to piss taking - life is there to have the piss ripped right out of it - & we enjoy that as much as the next periodical).

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Johnny Forgotten - tMx 13 - 01/04

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