Parade Of Dusty Old Record Sleeves
Yet Another Parade Of Dusty Old Record Sleeves.

Welcome to yet another virtual stroll through the record box that time forgot. This issue sees the 7” 45rpm collection of tMx’s very own Johnny Forgotten subtly backlit in a touching purple glow by the follow-spots of time. Johnny has thoughtfully & idiosyncratically selected his 10 favourite (i.e. obscurest) 7” singles for you to print, cut out & affix to your kitchen wall - successfully creating the illusion that you were somewhere once when it almost mattered.

Just click on each desirable sleeve design & wait for the 7? by 7? window to pop up - then click ‘print’. Then run round your kitchen table 45 times making a noise like a Les Paul feeding back whilst you hit your mother over the head with a spunk drenched copy of the NME.

By the time you’ve done that, your tMx Real Tone Punk Rock 45 Sleeve Approximation Facsimile will be ready to be carefully cut out (make sure an adult supervises your scissor action) & applied with Blue Tack before being affixed to said kitchen (or bedroom) wall.

Johnny would just like to point out that he did not acquire any of these records when they were actually released & has subsequently ‘collected’ them from a variety of sources because he’s nowhere near as old as some of the tossers who ‘work’ around here & he just wanted to clear that up (as he’s been getting a lot of stick in the Bunker about his new streaked hair which isn’t, & I repeat, IS NOT, grey!).

a equals
er is this mr savage pencil?

Banned for not having decent picture sleeve

picture this
Really good, Blondie 7" without the picture sleeve…

picture this
The back of an old punk rekkid

picture this
The front (I think)

wild rockers
Yeah! Top stuff + my copy hasn't got that unsightly stain)

metal ure bain
Metal urbain after Midge Ure joined them

soft boys
Soft Boys flexi disc

The Shits!

swell maps
Britians finest export - The Swell Maps

na na na na nar na
Saving the best til last?

Buddy Dion - tMx 13 - 02/04

contact - Punk Rock …and Roll