Ramones-The Complete Twisted History
Ramones - The Complete Twisted History - Dick Porter (Plexus).

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There may well have been a deluge of Ramones books over the last couple of years - but you won’t hear me complaining. Everett True’s Hey Ho Let’s Go - The Story Of The Ramones, Jim Bessman’s Ramones - An American Band & Monte A Melnick & Frank Meyer’s On The Road With The Ramones have all been invaluable assets to any true connoisseur of ‘Da Brudders’ - & Dick Porter has delivered another.

Ramones - The Complete Twisted History is compact & easy to read. Porter’s prose is snappy & addictive - the perfect marriage of respect & story telling. Porter is obviously a fan - & that’s always going to help (having said that, what would somebody who didn’t like the Ramones actually be like I can’t answer that - I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like the Ramones).

Porter’s list of acknowledgements are further confirmation of his book’s pedigree: Nina Antonia, Clinton Heylin, Jim Bessman, John Holmstrom, McNeil & McCain, Mark Perry & John Savage - amongst others - have been extensively quoted throughout. So, no problems with the source material.

In fact, my only real criticism of Ramones - The Complete Twisted History is that it is very reminiscent of Bessman’s aforementioned tome in size, shape, layout & content - except nowhere near as good looking.

If you’re interested, Porter also has books on the shelves about The Darkness & The White Stripes - but don’t hold that against him. Ramones - The Complete Twisted History is an excellent addition to any Ramones cannon. Fire a 21-gun salute.

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