Metal Urbain - Chef D’Oeuvre
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Metal Urbain - Chef D’Oeuvre

I’m not quite sure who’s been waiting longer - Metal Urbain for the chance to collate & re-master their catalogue on CD - or me to be able to own it. It’s a close call. I’ve been aware that the task has been underway for some time now (a few years) - & also that no UK label was prepared to step up & take care of business (shame on you, you short-sighted motherfuckers) - so you could say I’ve been slightly eager to secure a copy.

David Fakrikian (MU’s manager) has been promising to send me a finished copy of Chef D’Oeuvre for nearly two years - if your reading this, David: I bought a copy from Rough Trade on Monday!! (see popkids, just because you write for the UK’s spunkiest underground Punk, Rock..& Roll zine - don’t mean you get the moon on a stick!)

Metal Urbain have always been special to me. The first time I heard Panic I knew I’d found a friend with an equally sick sense of humour for life. The riff was pure energy, the vocals indecipherable, the sonic interference ear-shattering - & the drum machine (! - remember this was 1977) - was like nothing I’d heard a Punk group attempt before.

I was addicted immediately. Panic, Paris Maquis (the 1st 45 on Rough Trade Records, fact fans) & Hysterie Connective were the most perfect string of 45s in the history of Punk Rock - up there with the first 3 x 45s by either the Pistols, The Clash, The Damned, The Adverts or anyone else you care to mention.

Chef D’Oeuvre (ST 001) is a double CD set - 34 cuts of prime time Metal Urbain from 1976 to 2003 (including 14 previously unreleased cuts) - plus a 32 page booklet of unreleased photos, memorabilia & lyrics - all housed in Hysterie Connective style (red & black) fold out digi-packaging:

CD 1 - Panic, Paris Maquis (single mix), Hysterie Connective, Lady Coca Cola, Cle De Contact (single mix), Pop Poubelle, Fugue For A Darkening Island, Ghetto, Futurama, Snuff Movie (Mix 82), Numero Zero, 50/50, Ultra Violence, Atlantis, Anarchie Au Palace, E202, Creve Salope (Mix 82) & bonus cut, Lady Coke Remix 2003.

CD 2 - Snuff Movie (Demo 76), No Fun (Demo 76), Lady Coca Cola (Demo 76), Metal Urbain (Demo 76), Anarchie En France (Demo 77), Une Bite, Un Cul Et Quelques Monstres (Demo 77), Hysterie Connective (vershun), Sweet Marylin, Snuff Movie (Dangerous mix), The Train Kept A Rollin Vershun 1 (Demo 79), The Train Kept A Rollin Vershun 2 (Demo 79), Colt 45 (Demo 79), Amour (Demo 79), Little Girl Of Love (Demo 79), Tango Sudiste, Rock’N’Roll (Original mix) & Panic (Instrumental).

Having recently completed my Metal Urbain vinyl collection with the re-acquisition of the much sought after Panic 7 & the double vinyl L’Age D’Or, I’m pleased to say I finally have maximum Metal Urbain tuneage in my life - & what a joyous & fulfilling life it is too.

Chef D’Oeuvre is available to buy now in all good record shops - & by that I mean it’s not going to turn up in the sale section of your local HMV - so your going to have to make an effort. That OK

In case of prolonged inability to find a copy - you may want to hit one of the links below - or just do what I did: ring Rough Trade (020 7792 3490) - or visit:

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