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dragSTER have been threatening to burn down their home town of Coventry for the last 12 months. Produced by Rat Scabies, signed by Jah Wobble, drawn by Vince Ray & discovered by tMx’s very own Suburban Kid - dragSTER could well be the most exciting rock’n’roll juggernaut to emerge from Coventry in many years.

Described by many as one of the most ‘in-your-face’ live shows currently on offer anywhere in the world, dragSTER blend the power & the fury of early Motorhead with the filth & glory of a Betty Page fronted Stooges.

dragSTER play Punk the Rock’n’Roll way - the way it was meant to be played: hard, fast & low. dragSTER eat virgin ears for supper & leave a raft of wailing feedback behind in your head by way of a receipt (& if you are of the male persuasion - maybe even a damp patch in your pants!).

Harrison Bored caught up with Diesel (gtrs) & Fi (vocals) just the other day to get the low down on all the latest dragSTER action:

trakMARX - How & when did dragSTER roll off the production line?

Diesel - dragSTER rolled off the production line in the summer of 2002 as a reaction to the blandness of modern day life and a passionate mission to kill off Pop Idol, a mission we are still on. Plus we felt that there needed to be more chicks in bands! We were all in different bands at the time and kind of knew each other on a nodding basis, then one day we all got drunk at a festival and dragSTER was born.

trakMARX - Are you happy with the latest model?

Diesel - Hell yeh, unlike the numerous "boy band" plastic punk, all look the same, fake angst models, dragSTER has fuel injected rock n roll, twin fuck you exhausts, and a pretty set of dice on the mirror.

trakMARX - What influences fuel dragSTER?

Diesel - The Stooges, The Pixies, Mudhoney, 1950's, The Damned, horror, cheesecake, The Bronx, old cars, old movie stars, these are all good fuels!

trakMARX - How did you hook up with Jah Wobble?

Fi - We did a show in our hometown and hooked up with Simon Mattock, who liked what he heard (Personally I think he liked the fact that Diesel got his trousers ripped off by the club owner that night!). Anyway, he offered to manage the band and got Wobble to come to a rehearsal. He dug us, and to our surprise and honour, offered to co-manage the band with Simon.

trakMARX - Rat Scabies was your 'spiritual guide' during the recording of your debut 45, "Redneck". How did that come about & how did it go down?

Diesel - This was another of Simon's cohorts who he had persuaded to come and watch us rehearse. There we are playing away and in walks Rat fuckin' Scabies!! He listened for a while, said we were the best band he'd heard in 15 years and promptly offered to produce the single. We spent three days holed up in a studio in the middle of nowhere with villagers pointing at Rat like he was some sort of witch, it was very surreal. He decided that it would be a good idea to get us stoned and do backing vocals. I couldn't do it for laughing so hard, this is why there are no male backing vox on the tracks. I would describe Rat as a chain smoking ball of spit and energy, a real gent. The single needed a bit of tweaking afterwards but what Rat did was to bring out the energy that the band has when we play a live show.

trakMARX - Response to "Redneck" has been immense - so much so that you recently signed to Scruffy Bird management - are you confident they can install dragSTER in every good home?

Diesel - Oh sure, every good home deserves dragSTER, the new washing machines of trashy rock. Scruffy Bird = record labels, agents, good tours, good parties, good fun.

trakMARX - Any plans for a follow up to "Redneck"?

Fi - Yeah, the single is being re-released in March and the video to the single has been re-shot. We will be recording the next single (Narcotic Zombie) next month in Oxford for release in late spring with a tour to promo it.

trakMARX - The legendary Vince Ray has just designed a series of new illustrations for dragSTER - are you pleased with them?

Diesel - The guy is a genius, we met Vince at one of our shows through Simon. He knows exactly where dragSTER are coming from and his artwork takes you to a world of 50's models, zombies, fast cars and rock n roll. Check out his book.

trakMARX - Fi has just returned from a stint in the States fronting Pigface who liked "Redneck" so much they included it in their set. How did those shows come about & how did they go?

Fi - We sent the Redneck CD to Martin Atkins, former Killing Joke, PiL and Ministry drummer and now the driving force behind Pigface, his response was "Get her out here now". I arrived in Chicago with less that 2 hours sleep under my belt, met the rest of them and we headed out to see Killing Joke and got drunk. Jet lag? What jet lag? As for the tour itself, it was everything everyone ever says touring is gonna be! Plenty of free booze, lots of parties and fun - but the best part of all is getting on stage every night for 5 weeks and fuckin' rockin' out - even better tearing up the stage with “Redneck”. I dunno what freaked me out more having En Esch (KMFDM, Slick Idiot) and JS Clayden (Pitchshifter) singing backing vocals on the “Redneck” chorus, or seeing the crowd doing it too? What a trip!! We sold a shed load of CDs and I signed lots of t-shirts, CDs, bags and breasts!! The “Redneck” single proved to be popular and the response on our website was awesome. It was 5 weeks of alcohol fueled chaos that fuckin' rocked!

trakMARX - Where are dragSTER heading next?

Fi - Up, hopefully! We've got our sights on touring Japan this year and we should be back in the US for a tour towards the end of the year. The single and a British tour is happening in March/April and there will be an album released some time this year.

Harrison Bored - tMx 13 - 02/04
Try this out: www.dragster.ukf.net

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