Underneath Pavement - The Beach Boys.

The wreckers of civilisation continue about their business unabated, issuing dangerous provocations via the mouths of imbecile anarchists. Their reputations now go beyond the frontiers of their own country & freely into others.

The problem is not poverty, but boredom. Lack of satisfaction is measured in piles of cars, fridges & TVs. To be rich today is to possess a greater number of impoverished objects than your neighbour. The result of this process is to reduce life to a single choice: revolution or suicide.

Work is a disgrace - real life is everywhere - but we chose to ignore it. The economy of our daily life is based on the continual exchange of humiliation & aggressive attitude. The resultant feeling of dissatisfaction can only be assuaged by combative lucidity.

This is our society of spectacle, our age of conspiracy, our celebration of tedium beyond compare. Our ideas are already dormant in the heads of sympathetic hearts the planet over. We have left the 20th century & we are not afraid of the ruins. Life should always shatter the glaciation of pure survival. Illusive moments of poetic intensity can be deconstructed for the benefit of the few & the unbridled joy of the millions.

We will not tolerate fake eclecticism. There is no proletarian utopia, there is no prole-art-threat. Taste the true passage of time. Make life your raw material. Shift your perspectives. Outside the capital, the trains still don’t run on time. All games have risks.

Laugh in the face of spectacular domination and refuse to conform. History is absent today, as irrelevant & impotent as absolute power.

We are a remarkable example of what this era did not want.

Rebellious Jukebox, yeah!

Jean Encoule - tMx 13 - 03/04

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