Welcome to Issue 13 of tMx - unlucky for some? (Unlucky for who, exactly?)

Glad you asked: the origin of the concept of the number 13 as an unlucky numeral is commonly associated with the actions of Philip IV (The Fair) of France, who, on discovering that France’s treasury was in immediate need of financial overhaul, decided to annex the wealth of the world’s then most affluent organisation: The Knights Templar.

On October 13th 1307, The Knights Templar were outlawed, their fortune confiscated & their Grand Master, Jacques De Molay, placed under arrest. De Molay was repeatedly tortured for the next 7 years.

On March 18th, 1314, De Molay was led out before ‘the people’ to publicly confess his and the order's sins. He recanted all earlier confessions and said the only crime he was guilty of was lying about his Brethren to relieve his own tortures. He was then taken to an island on the Siene and burned along with Geoffrey de Charney, the Preceptor of Normandy.

There are many accounts of De Molay's dying words, but the 19th century historian, Charles Addison, perhaps one of the foremost Templar scholars, records them as follows:

"To say that which is untrue is a crime both in the sight of God and man. Not one of us has betrayed his God or his country. I do confess my guilt, which consists in having, to my shame and dishonor, suffered myself, through the pain of torture and the fear of death, to give utterance to falsehoods imputing scandalous sins and iniquities to an illustrious Order, which hath nobly served the cause of Christianity. I disdain to seek a wretched and disgraceful existence by engrafting another lie upon the original falsehood."

Glad we got that cleared up.

Now, can I get a message through?

I’d just like to say: let’s hear some more music, please!

Issue 13 of tMx is a SID VICIOUS special - featuring a Sub Kid interview with Alan Parker, exclusive shots from the Sub Kid/Paul Burgess archives & an extensive chat with one of Punk Rock’s gentlemen - & erstwhile Zig Zag editor - Mr Kris Needs.

Add that to amusing features on Domestic Bliss, The Libertines, Classic Punk Rock Compilation LPs, Rocket From The Tombs, Metal Urbain, The Thermals, the Ramones, Oneida, dragSTER, Encoulez Vous - Jean Encoule’s A-Z Of Punk, More Fucking Reviews & Yet Another Parade Of Dusty Old Record Sleeves - & you’ve just about got the measure of tMx 13.

Glad to be back in the old leather director’s chair telling people what to do - & what to not do. Hope that’s OK with you lot. Thanks to all who’ve helped while I’ve been ‘recovering’ from my ‘illness’ - especially Johnny Forgotten - who WILL be remembered.

Jean Encoule - tMx 13 - 02/04
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