Suburban Kid – Devobilia
mrs suburban kid meet mr devo!!!
Suburban Kid – Devobilia

Are we not men? We are Devo.



Devobilia – hopelessly devoted to Devo.

Suburban Kid – Devotee - has kindly granted permission to tMx to exhibit some of the finer moments from his personal collection of Devobilia.

Although Suburban Kid treasures these relics like the Queen Of England does her jewels – he would like to point out (as always) that everything’s for sale, baby!

With that in mind – you can contact him on:

Just make sure you have the disposable income of the Queen Of England if you seriously want to play ball – that’s all.

Well Kid's having trouble shifting this one.

Hey start that badge collection today! Ideal xmas gift.

Are we not badge collectors

This is a rare bootleg - fuck the badges - get this!

A Devo flexidisk - hurrah for vynl.

Complete that collection!

Hunk city!.

This is the stuff - a D E V O hat!

Ideal gift for twin sisters who drive a tank.

Another top item - Devo suit - impress your friends.

Possibly the most incredible item to ever grace tmx - a DEVO WIG!!!!.

For sale or rent delightful Devo HQ, small deposit will secure.

Check it:

contact - Punk Rock …and Roll