The A-Lines
The A-Lines
The A-Lines.

The A-Lines have been gigging up & down the country for the last 12 months or so - playing supports, biding their time & generally honing their craft. Featuring ex-members of The Headcoatees, The Action Time & The Stuck-Ups – The A-Lines are a back-to-basics breath of fresh air on an ever more convoluted landscape.

Their debut split 7” 45 with Miss Mary (Girls At Our Best-shaped pop-ism – Vague Generalizations Ed) – “One Day” – is available now on Waxfruit Arts Media Collaborative (WAM-000). “One Day” is a rolling rumble of Punked-up blues - & a perfect introduction to the world of The A-Lines. A deal for a debut single proper has been agreed in principal with Bath’s able Purr Records - & should make the shops some time in the early new year of 2004.

Jean Encoule recently trapped the A-Lines LBW with a pacey Yorker on a damp track with his 4th ball of the first over of the morning to bring you the following insight into the world of The A-Lines:

trakMARX - Tell us about the of the birth of The A-Lines.

Julie - I had just moved to Chatham and I wanted to play in another all-girl band after leaving The Stuck-Ups. Kyra was interested too so we got together and wrote a few songs, then asked Debbie to join us. Kyra was trying to learn to play bass, but it wasn't working out so we asked Delia to play. That's about it really.

Delia – They were born before my contribution started. I think I’m a clone or a sleeping partner Siamese twin that got involved later.

trakMARX - Which artists would The A-Lines cite as an influence?

Julie - We all have very different tastes - my musical influences are Kleenex, The Ramones, Thee Mighty Caesars, Buzzcocks and the

Delia – I guess a subtle hint would be the covers we chose.

trakMARX - What do The A-Lines like to listen to (off duty) in the comfort of their own homes?

Julie - I like to listen to all the groups listed above, with a bit of the Beatles, The Who, The Fire Dept and some quiet music - like Sakuhatchi flute.

Delia – Johnny Cash, Lee Hazelwood, The Monks, Count Five, Adam Green, Dirtbombs, Subway Sect, Soft Cell, Jonah & The Whale, The Fog Band & Wet Dog.

trakMARX - How would you describe The A-Lines sound to someone who'd never heard the group?

Julie - Belgium, Seattle, Kleenex Lady Punk with an English twist.

Delia – Primal, basic, sheer, full frontal, thin & sharp, spikey, sweet, subtle yet obvious – basically your all girl Punk group.

trakMARX - Tell us the story behind you're new (debut) spilt 45 rpm disc.

Julie - There isn't one - apart from they asked us to do it - and we said yes.

Delia – John Jervis from Where It’s At Is Where You Are asked us - & we said yes.

trakMARX - We understand you've ‘inked’ a deal with Purr for a future 45?

Julie - We might do an LP with them. The LP is recorded but we've not finalised anything as of yet.

Delia – It might be more than a single – it’s mostly recorded now – just needs a little bit of a stir & hopefully next year will see the pudding.

trakMARX - What's The A-Lines take on the 'exciting' rock n roll scene that's allegedly eating up our Capital at an incredible rate?

Julie - What scene would that be?

Delia – I think I missed that!

trakMARX - You cover The Electric Eels "Agitated" - any plans to record your take on this cut?

Julie - Yes.

Delia – Done & dusted, pumpkin.

trakMARX - If you had to do an LP of cover versions (let's say 10 cuts) - what would your track listing be?

Julie –

“Agitated” - Electric Eels
“Heidi's Head” - Kleenex
“Lie Detector” - The Mighty Caesars
“I Wanna Be Sedated” - The Ramones
“No Reply” - Buzzcocks
“Last One There” - The Fire Dept.
“Can't Explain” - Love
“Can't Explain” - The Who
“Our Love Will Still Be There” - The Troggs
“Where Were You” - The Mekons

Delia –

“Can’t Explain” – Love
“Can’t Explain” – The Who
“When The Man Comes Around” – Johnny Cash
“Drip, drip, drip, Little April Showers” – From Bambi
Something From Evita - Soundtrack
“Tommy” (in it’s entirety?) – The Who
“Personent Hodie For Christmas” - ???? (search me – Ed)
“When The Red Red Robin Goes Bob Bob Bobbing” – Trad Arr?? (ditto – Ed)
“Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet” – Gavin Bryars
“One Track Mind” – The Heartbreakers?? (I guess - Ed)

trakMARX - What plans do The A-Lines have for the rest of 2003 & early 2004?

Julie - Release our album, play some gigs, write more songs and have a good time.

Delia – Play more shows. Release more records. Buy more glittery things. Have fun. Fa la la la la la la la la.

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Johnny Forgotten – tMx 12 – 11/03

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