Flowers In Your Dustbin
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Flowers In Your Dustbin

“God Save The Sex Pistols” – Gavin Walsh – (Plexus).

Published as competition for Parker & Burgess’s “Satellite” (or “Set-A-Light & Retire” - as it’s known in the darker corners of the tMx Bunker – Ed) – “God Save The Sex Pistols” is somewhat of a damp squib by comparison.

There is absolutely nothing new in this book - whatsoever. Nothing any half-soaked Pistols collector hasn’t already seen. It’s all common gear. It’s a well-known fact amongst Pistols collectors that Gavin has a stash of acetates that are unique – so why hasn’t he included these???? Listing catalogue numbers for foreign releases & bootleg LPs. Boooooooooring, maaaaan! Let’s see something new that we can’t get on the friggin internet.

A quick straw poll of some of my most trusted fellow Pistols collectors has concluded that “God Save The Sex Pistols” is a beginners guide at best – & a missed opportunity at the very worst.

Suburban Kid – tMx 12 – 11/03

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