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THE BUFF MEDWAYS – “1914” (Transcopic)

Billy Childish & his cohorts return with their latest 33 rpm outing on Transcopic Records. Another quality release from the chaps, “1914” is everything the Buffs enthusiast could want - & considerably more.

You already know we love the Buffs - & we know you’ll love them too. So, rather than waste time, space & your eyes rattling on & on for paragraph’s about what we think makes the Buffs so essential – we thought we’d offer Billy the chance to provide us all with a personal Childish guide to “1914”.

trakMARX – What’s the story behind the LPs title?

Billy – “1914” is the end of who we were - & the beginning of who we are – which is stuck in a traffic jam heading for some out of town shopping centre.

trakMARX – Have you any interesting anecdotes regarding the recording of the LP?

Billy – Half of it was recorded between the printing presses at Johnny’s print-works on a half-track valve Revox - which sounds great. The other half was recorded at Toe Rag Studios – which sounds alright as well.

trakMARX – We understand that the departure of Johnny Barker has signalling a change in the ranks of the Buffs. How did this come about & who will be replacing him on bass?

Billy – Johnny (aka Dustbin Mod, as he is affectionately known) has decided to leave the Buffs & lead the life of a happy tramp. Graham Day (gtr – The Prisoners/drums – The Mighty Caesars) has graciously offered to stand in on bass duties (& trying to match Johnny’s singing like an 8 year old choirboy).

trakMARX – What special Childish events can we look forward to with regard to promoting the LP?

Billy – Maybe a couple of gigs at The Boston Arms – as usual. We will be scrupulously avoiding any accidental successes we may achieve. There will also be a Billy Childish exhibition at the Aquarium from 10th Nov – 24th Dec:

“We Are All Phonies:”

“I dislike lack of integrity. I dislike all the ways the world of man tries to make us passive observers rather than participators”

The Aquarium
10 Woburn Walk

020 7387 8417

trakMARX – How do you feel about the finished LP now it’s on the racks?

Billy – It’s the best looking & best sounding LP I’ve ever heard.

trakMARX – How would you convince the uninitiated that “1914” is the perfect Buffs pool to get their feet wet in for the 1st time?

Billy – We’ll have to leave that one to their mates.

Billy Childish’s Track By Track Guide To 1914 (ok, so we know there’s one on the insert inside the LP – but here’s another one!)


Billy – A song about being unable to see the good - & then trying to.


Billy – A song about denying all your feelings.


Billy – A song about a girl Johnny was in love with back in the Daggermen days - but she didn’t love him (though Wolf claims he snogged her up once).


Billy – A little blues song based on a novel by Dostoevsky.


Billy – Ditto.

“JUST 15”

Billy – A song me & Mick Hampshire wrote from The Milkshakes days. We fancied doing our own version of “Sweet 16”. (PS – the only conceivable girl it could actually be about was my girlfriend - when I was 14!).


Billy – Wolf calls my wife Nurse Julie because she always has a remedy for his numerous illnesses.


Billy – The song Spinal Tap didn’t write. The lyrics are based entirely on Jack’s letters & descriptions of the crimes. Listeners might guess that we like The Who – but notably, before they told the little one with the trout farm that he was the lead singer & should shake his hair about.


Billy – The haircut the British expeditionary force went out to Belgium with in 1914 (& a nod to Link Wray)


Billy – A song about my girlfriend when I was 17 - who left me to marry a world champion middle distance runner.


Billy – A song about the bogusness of mobile phones, shopping centres & small dogs.


Billy – A song about my next-door neighbour I spent all my time with when was a little boy. She was 7 years older than me, told me that people died & was allowed to go & see The Beatles in Canterbury - whereas I had to stay at home & was only allowed to buy her some jelly babies to take with her & chuck at’em for me (circa 1965).

Jean Encoule – tMx 12 – Oct 03

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