Wotcha! Due to the continued rehabilitation of our glorious leader (now thankfully re-united with Mrs Encoule et les petites femmes - & still on the wagon!), I drew the short straw from the Bunker straw beaker & got to edit Issue 12 all on my own. As Bunker Jnr & general dog’s body around these parts (last in – first to serve) – I am in the unenviable position of becoming ‘acting editor’ without having written a stroke by way of contribution to the zine thus far. Neat, huh?

So, without further ado, let me tell you a bit about the contents of Issue 12 of

Bryan Swirsky of NYC Complete Control has conducted an exclusive live interview in NYC with Richard Hell. We’ve been hassling Hell for years to talk to us about the past – something he very rarely does - & couldn’t believe our luck when he finally acquiesced. Encoule compiled the questions (bullets) & fired them in the direction of the Big Apple for Bryan Swirsky to translate them into American. The interview is understandably regarded as somewhat of a high point in the 2.5 year history of – we hope you agree.

Jean Encoule (unable to edit - but nevertheless still pouring himself into his work – as opposed to pouring his work into himself – sorry, gaffer!) has had a busy couple of months dissecting the words of Chairman Rotten for “The Great Punk Rock & Roll Swindle”, recalling distant memories from his youth (which, considering he usually has severe difficulty recalling distant memories from last week, is no small feat!) for “On The Road With The Clash”, waving goodbye to Strummer & saying hello to the 3rd Mescaleros LP in “So Long, Comrade Joe”, quizzing Eater founder member Andy Blade for “Eatered Alive”, chin wagging with Billy Childish about the new Buff Medway’s LP & getting wistfully Mancunian for “Devoto Devotees”. For an old man well past his prime – he still gets about a bit (I get the feeling I may not last too long here @ tMx)!

Marquee Smith has spent a month or so delving into the murky recesses of Punk Rock Past to bring you “The Runaways – Original Riot Girls”, “25 Year Of Being Rough Trade” & interviewing Phil Hendriks of The Stiffs for “Bunch Of Stiffs”.

Johnny Forgotten has chipped in with a critical de-construction of the latest attempt at paraphrasing the career of The Clash with “Completist Control”, an over-view of 2nd wave Punk snarlers The Pack & a Q&A with up & coming lady Punks, The A-Lines.

Suburban Kid slags the Gavin Walsh Pistols collectors faux-bible (& if anyone should be qualified to do so, it’s him – have you seen his framed copy of “God Save The Queen” on A&M? – or his picture in Record Collector? – or his credit in Alan Parker’s new Sid book? - The boy’s connected) as well as sharing his personal collection of Devo-belia with you – you cyber lucky punters.

All this & more, little girl (should we do it on the floor?): a new expanded “Reviews” page (featuring appraisals of the new TV Smith LP, The Strokes 2nd, the latest from Hamell On Trial & bags more), another chance to purchase rare vinyl at “Vinyl Vendor”, an exclusive “Sniffin’ Glue Tees” opportunity & “The Star Spangles Live”.

Not bad for a free publication loosely thrown together by a bunch of old school & new school Punks who really should be getting on with their day jobs instead of endlessly romanticising about a hopelessly idealistic genre.

Until the next time – when hopefully I’ll draw a longer straw (or Encoule will have recovered suitably to retake the swivelling - nee snivelling - leather chair of office) – I bid you farewell & happy reading. Don’t forget to print, staple & distribute to anyone you know who can’t afford a computer - & keep the home piles of corporate bullshit burning.

Adios, amigos.

Buddy Dion – Acting Editor –
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