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The History Of: the Phobics……………..

I was lying at home late 1999 bored outta my skull with the complete lack of decent bands to see playing real exciting rock n roll.

I was also nursing the mother of broken legs after being hit by a car wheel that had deserted the front axle of an old banger speeding down Deptford Church Street in September that year and snapping my leg in half cartoon stylee.

I knew some old punkers of ill repute that kept bugging me to sing with them, and as they rehearsed less than 50 ft from where I lived I relented and hobbled down on crutches to check ‘em out.

Out of the original band only Moyni & Jeff now remain, drummer and founding member Darren moved to the South Coast. Paul our guitarist joined shortly after me.

Dues have been paid in various bands including Living in Texas, Bad Karma Beckons, The Icons, Dirty Harry, The Famous Monsters, Rumorosa and The Barbs.

After hearing these fuckers I joined up immediately. We quickly got a set together and spent as much time arguing on a name (I wanted us to be called The Dirty Hits!) in the summer of 2000 we became The Phobics.

Gigging was difficult on crutches with my leg in an external fixator, I was in and out of hospital with infections and nearly died of septicaemia, but we soldiered on and quickly gained a reputation for our live shows, punk attitude and great tunes.

The Phobics hit RMS studios in July 2000 to recorded. In true democratic fashion we each wrote our four fave songs from the set down and put them in a hat. The winners got recorded and became our DIY self financed Terminal EP ( sold out).

Only laziness, bad luck and lack of funds has stopped us releasing more Phobics gems. Last time in the studio the producer vanished with the tapes and was never seen again, we don‘t even have copies!

What we do have however is enough killer songs to wipe the floor with most of the current crop (or should that be crap?) of so called punk and rock n roll pretenders. As someone once said “we know are three chords man!”

On 7th Sept The Phobics celebrate their third anniversary of our first gig together by playing at the Crossfields Festival in Deptford where we made our debut. We now have a new drummer - Al, former Parkinsons wildman and the future's looking Phobic.

Here’s a copy of our press release, a live review and some quotes on Deptford’s finest..

Hailing from Deptford Fun City, The Phobics were formed in the winter of 1999. Rising from the ashes of Living in Texas, Bad Karma Beckons, The Barbs, Rumorosa and Dirty Harry, these musical misfits know their three chords and rock 'n' roll chops.

Think back to a time when 'Garage' meant Guitars, Cars and Girls - not poxy record decks and DJ's. Punk was The Dolls, Stooges, Ramones, Pistols and Ruts - not rich college boys and girls with Calvin Kleins. Mix in the pure pop sensibilities of The Brill Building, Rezillos, Buzzcocks and X-Ray Spex and you begin to get the picture...

The Phobics are a loud, sarcastic, kick in the pants - An antidote to all the corporate boy bands, soulless r'n'b and manufactured add water and stir elevator pap that makes up most of the current musical trends of today.

Who will save Rock 'n' Roll? ask the Dictators - The Phobics come armed with enough killer riffs, trashy tunes, hooks, humour and attitude to wake up and shake up the Pepsi Generation.

Tom CrossleyVox
Jeff WallaceGuitar
Paul MathieGuitar
Tony MoynihanBass
Al PintoDrums

30/6/03 – THE PHOBICS @ The Fox & Firkin Lewisham .
Every time I see The Phobics play I come to expect the unexpected... lets examine the evidence..

Yeah I know we've had screaming broken guitars thrown at amps, stage invasions, guest appearances from the usual London punk suspects, blood, sweat and beers all over the place but the other night at the Fox and Firkin in Sarf London, you missed the gig of the year buddy.

Last Thursday they were kicking out the jams in front of an enthusiastic crowd, when I noticed not one, or two but all four members of the Star Spangles in the audience fresh off the plane from NYC, in town to play a few dates around (If you aint heard ‘em - you will!!). Well the Phobics singer invites them on stage to give us a treat, and they bounce on, pick up the gear and crack out a coupla fine tunes, before being rejoined by Phobics, assorted Police and Thieves and Cherry Reds for a storming finale of "Chinese Rocks" and "Sonic Reducer

I’ve watched these Phobics miscreants a great number of times over the last couple of years and whilst they are not young, fantastic looking or the most stunningly original of acts they do know wot makes good punk n roll, and more importantly how to play it with panache.

When I first spotted them, the singer was nursing a freshly broken leg held together by a horrendous looking metal contraption, wires and rods poking through flesh, but seemed blissfully unaware of anything but the sonic assault behind him provided by two low slung guitarists hell bent on literally beating their instruments into bloody submission.
A manic, bass guitarist thundering away like tomorrow ain't gonna happen and tonight’s the only night combined with machine gun drums, driving the whole caboodle on whether it's the original drummer bloke, or Alfonso from the Parkinsons on borrowed kit and drumsticks with his primal, delicious batterings grinning like the spawn of a midnight liaison twixt Stiv, Lux and Ivy.

Hats off to the Star Spangles for accepting the invitation to come onstage and giving the lucky crowd a taster of their fresh brand of real New York rock n roll swagger ala Johnny Thunders and The Replacements - fuck The Strokes, these guys are the real thing, living and breathing the rock n roll suss - could you imagine those spoilt rich twats coming to a pub at the arse end of Lewisham, freshly jetlagged and jump on stage without hesitation?

I saw some guy filming the whole thing and boy do I wanna track down that tape!! In the meantime I will console myself with "Bazooka" The ‘Spangles new LP which should be released by the time you read this and look forward to seeing ‘em play with or without the Phobics!

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