New Blood
New Blood
“New Blood – The New R‘n’R Vol.3” (artROCKER)

Rock n Roll is here to stay.

Rock n Roll will never die.

Both types of music: Rock n Roll.

The kids just want to Rock.

Stay tuned for more Rock n Roll.

Rock n Roll is the new Rock n Roll.

artROCKER is the catalyst:

“New Blood Vol.3” is the latest in the series of compilations that lets you hear a track by that group you’ve heard a lot about but have never heard without having to shell out on the LP – thus helping you to make an rational & informed choice whenever you are in yr local rockin rekkid store (& we all know how Nu Labour likes ‘informed choices’, right?).

25 cuts of fat Rock & tight arsed Roll to work that aching body hard in the mosh pit. 25 slabs of sonic detritus to scare the neighbours with. 25 car stereo mashing flavours enabling you to take on the drum n bass merchants in a one louder competition without fear of losing face before the next set of traffic lights. 25 reasons to be cheerful:

Pretty Girls Make Graves: “Speakers Push The Air” – matching the intensity & inventiveness of “Vol 2” openers, L/A/L – Pretty Girls Make Graves will also be making a splash this side of the pond with their debut LP on Matador later this year.

The Hells: “Time Killer” – artROCKER’s own children of Dante provide an evil glimpse of what we can expect from the group’s debut mini LP.

Gluecifer: “Reversed” – up tempo, up country & up yours. Heads down, no nonsense, mindless boogie. 1000-yard riffage packed with ruffage that goes through you like a rhubarb & bran sandwich.

Sweatmaster: “I’m A Demon”: mind that gap! Rock n Roll with spaces. Sweatmaster are in a groove & they’re working their way through to you.

The Paybacks: “Scotch Love”: no strangers to trakMARX, Detroit’s The Paybacks rally around the remarkably powerful voice of Wendy Case like a scrummage around a hooker (come on, Wendy, don’t tell me you’ve never heard of Rugby Union) to execute their superb debut LP, “Knock Loud” (Get Back). The Paybacks – kicking an arse near you - very soon.

The Rattlesnakes: “The Moonshine” – outa LA &, judging by this cut, constantly outa breath too. The Rattlesnakes are dirty, low-down, no good bastards - & they bite.

The Grips: “Baptised In Fire” – The Grips are from Northampton, & it’s not often you can say something like that with any conviction. Another dark entry.

Hot Snakes: “Bye Nancy Boy” – Hot Snakes have it down pat – they’re dirty, they’re filthy, they’re never gonna last. Get them while you can.

The Hellacopters: “Better Than You” – Scando-Garage-Fathers of mythical repute - & mates of Wayne Kramer & The MC3 to boot.

The Cassanovas: “Won’t Go Down” – the Jet it’s OK to like? Proof that Antipodean R n R isn’t all old Nirvana riffs, a wing & several prayers.

The Soledad Brothers: “Prodigal Stones Blues” – carnt put my finger on who the Bros are in thrall to here as my collection of Rolling Stones LPs only goes up to Brian Jones.

Forcis: “Know All Along” – you don’t wanna rub Forcis the wrong way up against anything: friction burns. Cut from a different cloth.

The Wednesdays: “Hot Rod Deep Pit Soul Revival” – Alabama boys take their native sound & export it – world-wide.

Terrashima: “Screamer” – Sonic Moookers take on all comers with their breathless take on pulverising Punk. The title says it all.

Sludgefest: “It’s On” – it most definitely is, make no mistake. Sludgefest have that authentic garage sound nailed down so tight you can almost smell the carbon monoxide. No need for a bullshit detector here.

The Bellrays: “Cold Man Night” – Sometimes it feels that The Bellrays have been living I my head for ever – surely they must owe me some goddam rent by now.

Mighty Fraff: “It Could Have Been So Different” – artROCKER are rightfully mighty proud of Mighty Fraff. Infused with twitches of distant electronica, mutant soundwaves & the ghost of Dave Greenfield’s broken keyboard – Mighty Fraff use the bits everyone else left behind.

The Detroit Cobras: “Bad Girl” – everyone’s favourite bar band name check Scooby Doo on their way to a hard earnt 1-0 home win.

The Donnas: “Do You Wanna Hit It?” – the answer’s: yes, obviously. The Donnas make The Runnaways seem like a figment of Kim Fowley’s imagination – though ironically hardly guru-free themselves – there’s no mistaking the talent on show here.

The Flash Express: “The Beat That Kills” – this could’ve crept out of the crypt at any time during the last 40 odd years of guitar abuse – play it to The Kills & teach them a trick or two.

The Washdown: “It Must Be True” – groove resolutely in tow, The Washdown ooze class without breaking sweat. On Lookout Records - Donnas label mates.

Electric Shocks: “What Made You Great” – Nugget chewing, rubble munching, pebble dashed soul.

Weird War: “Made Of Money” – Ian Svenonius latest squeeze. Made up of old bits of Make Up & new bits of shake up. The man is still a star.

The Rocks: “Sicko” – real English Punk Rock. The guitars are too loud, the drums keep disappearing & the vocals aren’t loud enough – I fucking love it. The Rocks. They do what it says on the box.

The Black Madonnas: “Judas” – boy on girl action of the darkest kind. Brings a whole new meaning to the concept of betrayal. Jesus wept.

And that, my little Rock n Rollers, is all she wrote. Another year, another vial of fresh “New Blood”. The artROCKER collective have triumphed again & you can put that Kings Of Leon CD in the bin where it belongs.

Rock n Roll is a dish best served raw - over cook it & all you’ll end up with ham - over dress it & you’ll learn to regret it. Keep it simple, pure & straight from the heart – this is Rock n Roll. It sure ain’t art.

Marquee Smith – tMx11 – 08/03
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