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Mark Mothersbaugh Exhibition.

Devo mainman, Rugrats tune-smith & artist, Mark Mothersbaugh is currently exhibiting his collection of postcard art at Intoxica Records, London.

Mark chose Intoxica for this particular show because he loves vinyl & liked the idea of his art being surrounded by music & being viewed by music buyers - rather than just art enthusiasts. The show has been well received - people enjoy entering Mark's world & sharing his strange visions.

Mark formed his first band during a tutor's strike at his art college. Thus his career path was diverted from art to music - but he didn't loose his love of art and over the last 30 years has produced his postcard art whilst on tour, in the recording studio (most recently at Abbey Road whilst over seeing the recording of his score for the new Rugrats movie, Rugrats go Wild) and whenever ideas came to him.

His art shows the devolved underbelly of the human condition. Bold blood red brush strokes forming torturers, terrorists, weapons of mass destruction and other images suggesting "man's inhumanity to man". It's not all dark work, however, there are lighter moments with the postcards creating a colourful story board showing tales of the little
classy weiner.

The exhibition is in the basement of Intoxica record shop - Mon – Sat: 10.30am - 6.30pm and Sunday: Midday - 5pm.

Limited edition prints of Marks' postcard art are available to buy. The prints are full colour blown up (approx. 2 1/2 x 2 ft) images of the postcards and are for sale (£133.33 - £199.99).

Look out for Mark Mothersbaugh Homefront Invasion! 2003 world tour: 4 August - 6 October 2003.

All images are reproduced with the permission of Intoxica but are the property of Mark Mothersbaugh & normal copyright issues apply. Please respect the sanctity of this fact. Or fucking don't.

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